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Poor Rudy's leg!

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Me too!


*hugs* Glad I could share and give you a smile.


I didn't know that, I just liked the name, but I'm so glad. What a wonderful thing to learn! Thank you my dear!


My nickname from my paternal grandparents was Shelly until my grandmother decided I had grown out of it at 13! (I didn't know how to tell her that I wish she would have kept was special, just from them!)

(Mimi, I suppose you know it means ...Who is like God? often interpreted as Close to God.)


Thanks Michelle, We appreciate it! P.S. My youngest daughter is Michele, but we call her Shelly. Lovely name no matter how many L's it has!


Oh, wow! This is such wonderful dog-loving heart goes out to you in joy! Michelle


Gemstone. you are a gem! Thanks for caring!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! :D


Thanks Pat, I just talked to my granddaughter and she said Rudy is getting better every day. Good news!


Poor little thing....


Treker, I'm sorry, I somehow missed your post. Yes indeed, he's a very lovable pup!


Sladjana, you and Ank are such sweet friends to me. I really am thankful for your concern and I promise to keep everyone updated as time goes on. I will give him the hugs Ank dear, and he'll probably give me a big kiss for you!


Poor Rudy. And he looks so sweet. I'm very sorry for him. But it's the best for him this way, else it never comes ok. Give him hugs please lots of hugs. I hope he will be soon alright.


I really wish to him to be well again :)


Thanks so much Michelle for you sweet words about Rudy. He does chew on the bandage whenever he can, they have to keep the cone on him a lot. I will be delighted to give him cuddles from you!

We keep on keepin' on and hope for the best for our funny little fellow, thanks Hanne!


Never give up!! Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Oh, Mimi, what a poor darling pup! Adorable puppy ears still doing the up and flop too. Does Rudy leave his bandage alone or does he have to affect the conehead look? (We've got a number of cone sizes in the dog box...our guys never seemed to want to let bandages be...)

Give him cuddles from me! Michelle


Lovable pup!


Thanks StudyBreak I appreciate your concern!


I hope Rudy heals soon, poor puppy.


Bentley I think our comments crossed. Thanks for the kind thoughts toward this funny little critter!


Nan, he's about 4 months old - maybe 5. Thanks for caring, and everybody calls me Mimi.

Calleycat2, I shall give Rudy your sweet message! Thanks!

Faye, I'm glad you saw this, he is such an active little soul. The vet told them to try and keep him quiet, and they do try, but that's impossible. Thanks for caring!


Get better quick Rudy


It is so hard to keep a pet down...I guess it's just nature 'cause in the wild if you're down you're dead. Hope Rudy does heal quickly. Blessings. Faye :DDD


Poor Rudy. Feel better soon, OK???


Rudy, you are precious! How old is he, mipahollo? Hope his leg heals soon.


Several weeks ago Rudy hurt his leg. It doesn't slow him down a tad, much to the vet's dismay. It is healing but not as fast as they would like. Rudy is the only one not concerned about it. Gemstone, thanks for asking about him, I hope you see this.