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Hotel de Bellecroix, Chagny, France

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Never will I be bored with your trips abroad! Keep 'em coming girl!


Middle section, 2nd floor & the one behind ,overlooking the courtyard.And no, Jan, this was our first visit. Some time I'll bore the a** of everyone with the honeymoon trip! For now , I think they'll have had an ample sufficency of France by the time I've done this trip! :-)))


What a beautiful "Hotel" with a wonderful history. So gorgeous. Where was your room in this lovely edifice? (I'm assuming you stayed there on another of those trips)


Sure am! We first did the route on our honeymoon then repeated on our 10th anniversary. Gorgeous scenery, fab wines, what's not to like!!


The Big Road of Wines! You lucky, lucky woman!!!


Thanks, Katie! This hostellerie was formerly a Commandery of the Knights Templar of Malta, hence the name, belle croix being the Maltese cross.The attached chateau dates in part from 12 C. and is still used for historical seminars.The Hostellerie is from 17 & 18 C. and I can tell you that it's certainly a lot more comfortable than it would have been back then.
Another plus? It's at the start of the Grande Route Du Vins, a wonderful tour through Burgundy.


Wow Hester! This is a truly fascinating looking place. Thanks for sharing!