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Very Busy, Busy, Busy Flowers

72 pieces
134 solves
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Just keep smiling, Pat's on top of so many and it will all be mute when Mandy comes along anyway.


Ohhhh, Edie, I saw your name at the top of the list and had a big smile on my face along with a chuckle. But then I saw that you had knocked Pat off her top spot. Bad Edie! However, I loved your comment about buying glasses at the dollar store. My husband did the same thing. Well, congratulations! But I'm still thinking about poor Pat. I don't know of I should keep the big smile on my face or not. ;-)


Picked up stronger glasses yesterday at the dollar store. It might have helped solving this puzzle. Thanks Wendy.


Oh, NO, Hester. I just knew that someone would feel woozy after solving this. Does Growly have any extra liquor lying around? I'd give you some painkillers but I need to keep them in my stockpile.

Pat, WHOA! You're at the top again! Maybe you could suggest that to Hester the next time she tries a puzzle that has "Busy" in it (take it slow and easy). My "Busy" was used as a way of giving warning ahead of time. Three "Busy"s was meant to be a BIG warning. If she had only listened.


After reading the previous comments, I decided to take this slowly, looking for the big flowers to complete, and then trying to fit them in to the frame. That seemed to help my eyes get through this okay! LOL! Great design, Wendy! :-)))


Got to go and lie down with a cold compress after this one, Wendy! LOL


OK, Magda, send me the bill. I've got a stack of bills already because of Mariasha and whatnauts who also have eye problems during and after solving my puzzles. LOL


Lovely flowery puzzle. Thanks. Wendy, I think you are responsible for quite a few sore eyes. With my laptop screen I also hurt, if I do the big ones. The pieces are so small. So we all will send you the bills for new glasses.


Oh NO! mariasha, do I have to take you to an eye specialist yet again? I'm running out of cash, and there's almost no gas left in my tank.

Busy, busy bee...flitting from flower to flower...but needing to rest her, Thanks Wendy.