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Anyone for cricket

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OK, I?m totally mystified. In order to publish a puzzle these days, I?m required to attribute the image or claim that I have permission to use it. Whatever I do is then published along with the puzzle, under the heading INFORMATION.
My puzzlement (!) stems from the fact that I seem to be the only person who has to do this. Everyone else?s puzzle appear in the same way that we?ve always been used to. I?m missing something here but, after several weeks of cogitation, I still haven?t discovered what all the rest of you seem to know!
Those of you who have checked out my jigs will know that I almost never use any of my own images (I don?t have many ? don?t even own a camera). I pick them off the Internet sometimes, but most often get them from pps slide shows sent to me by friends and relatives. I rarely know who ? if anyone ? owns the copyright to any of these images. If I do run across a copyrighted image I don?t use it.
However, I don?t feel comfortable claiming that I have permission to use these images. I don?t receive any complaints, but that doesn?t necessarily mean that I have received permission.
Jigidi Help is of no help in this circumstance (nor would I expect it to be!!!). So??can someone set me straight? Please and thank you ?.


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I just tick the 'I have permission to use this image' box & haven't had any problems - so far!! Good luck!!


Thank you, rob and pg. If I choose "do not know", jigidi will let me hit the "save and publish" and it will show up in "My Puzzles" - but NOT in the public puzzles!
rob: I tried typing "public domain" in the attribution box - same result as above.
I can't understand why, under INFORMATION, all that crap shows up on MY puzzles, but not on yours. It seems to me that I'm doing what you do! Are you not asked to complete those boxes?


All of my photos have been my own so I don't know about this yet-also I'm pretty much a newbe on this site. I see your getting some help, though, and I'll learn, too. Thanks.


I attribute it IF it is copyrighted Colin - if not & the photo is in the public domain - I just use it!!
I love this silhouette - thanks Colin.


Colin if you don't know or do not have the information I put, "do not know" and let it go at that. If they have a problem they will let you know.


good one collind!


All those question marks??? My punctuation marks didn't travel well from my Word document :( My Utah Badlands puzzle has an accurate version of this. Please read if you have the time. Thanks.