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Tea Cozy

88 pieces
103 solves
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Hey Quartina, it works for us! 1 teabag+cup of water=tea!


What a cute "Mother" story! And she wouldn't like the way I make tea: Put the tea bag in a mug of water and nuke it in the microwave for 2 minutes!


What a lovely chuckle this gave me. The making of tea was an art form to my Mother. She had a army of tea cozies and all the proper tea making "thingeys". Long after I married and she came to visit she saw me dipping a teabag directly into a cup. She looked me the eye and seriously said, "what a heathen type thing to do". She also never understood the American love of ice tea! :))))))


Yes, and that's even my favorite tea . . . English Breakfast . . . . all we need are the crumpets!

Ohhhh....I'm ready...lets have some tea together......thank you quartina.