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Virginia! Wysteria

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Doing its thing. Wanting to grow so much, it'll go anyway it can.


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I didn't realize they are a climbing vine like that. That's so interesting. Are they invasive, too, like Kudzu?


I was a good place as long as it was maintained but when the store went empty...So Robyn, your actually exactly right it shouldn't have been planted there anyway in the first place. They are invasive but nothing even close to the honeysuckle that is rampant throughout the woods edges, roadsides, everywhere, here in Virginia. Its in a whole bigger league than Wysteria, which is just in tiny pockets.

And growing fast, mountain.

I'm sorry to hear that Tex-you deserve to rant. Its a tough one to fight.


In Dallas, that whole tree would last about 5 minutes, however long it takes our electric company to get out there with chainsaws! They have really butchered trees all over town, and my area is known for its beautiful and stately trees that are very old. To get the lines underground, the homeowner has to pay for it, and it's cost prohibitive. The electric company has refused to work with homeowners and the butchery is unbelievable! Okay, rant is over! Thanks, Warb.


Wow that one is reaching for the sky


They're one tenacious plant Dave!! It's such a shame that it's not in a better place!


Well put, Laura!!


That's wysteria on a mission!


You got that right Sandy, by far. Thanks!


Well at least it's prettier than kudzu.


Bingo, Lyndee.

Just growing its heart out, Mia. Thanks

And thats capitol P, Aggie.

Thanks Patti!

I don't see them on electric poles ect. much, Sandy. Maybe the electric companies are vigilant.

Nice one, Suzy! :-))))

I think cut it off the wire, too, Richard, because of the homeowner thing.

The building this pole is in front of is a vacant old store in Calverton, a very small town, Fodus But it probably only took 3 days to go up the wire. I've seen it grow 6ft./day. Thanks


The owners should put up a support or just keep it a bush. Safety first!


I bet they will cut it off the wire or kill it all together. Most of the time they try to trim them so as not to get the land owner too mad at them.


An electrifying photo.


Wow! It's beautiful and I wonder what happens when it starts growing along those wires. This must be the utility company's worst nightmare. Thanks Dave.




I was wondering what's going on with the extended section, is the plant actually reaching to touch the line up there or what???


I'd bet the local electric company doesn't like this too well.