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Origami #4

49 pieces
74 solves
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Thanks Ladywil...and yes, do call me Deborah. I keep a cheat sheet...user names with real names listed beside. Then once I have someone's name down, I cross them off the list. You might try that, it works for me.


Very nice Deborah (I think you said it was ok to call you that). I am pretty bad with names, so I might forget again.


Please do call me Deborah! And it's nice to meet you Barb! And origami...mine weren't flowers, just origami. But great minds do think alike now and then....LOL And thank you...


This is a real beauty, Jawz2 (may I call you Deborah)? I see you posting a lot on Kirsten's puzzles. She and I both also posted origami flowers today. :-)) Thanks from Barb


You are so welcome Janine. By the way, where are you? I'm in Oregon US.

Love blues and reds.....this was another fun puzzle.....thanks again, Deborah.