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Peach Tea Cake.... #1

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Robryan(Robyn) posted a photo of a peach tea cake some time ago and I told her I would make it if she would give the recipe. And she did:

So after an aborted try, I got it close and here is is. The question it any good?


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There are no words left to say - it just looks awesome and tastes the same, no doubt!
Hey Laura - I love your speed!! Look where LM is?!!


Great Ginger,check cake #2!

What kind of fruit did you use, Florrie? I thought blueberries and pecans would be good, too.

Of course, Plum, I saved you a sliver!

The peaches are peeled according to the recipe, Suzy. I thought of you while I was peeling them!


YES!~! IT'S GOOD! I can tell by looking at it! No fuzz, nice and's GOOD!


Can I be your official taste tester? Pleeze???


You can bet I will give it a try Dave as it sure looks delicious. Congrats on a job well done. :O))


And thank you Cathy for being you and being a jigidier!!

Nice one Laura!! Enjoy!

Robyn, there was no need even for the ice cream! The batter itself is good before cooking. It was a pleasure to lick off the spatula, bowl, mixer parts, ect.!!!! Having good peaches gave a sweetness to the cake. I was expecting a sort of more angle food cake top to it, but there it is. It took longer to bake, too. But the flavor (and easiness) were EXCELLENT!!! It was fun! Thanks, my friend!!

Good idea, Laura, Smart move, before its all gone.

Everyone here should try it, Robyn!! Some other fruits could work well too as Florrie said some time ago.

I think its gone Janet, but the recipe is right at the link on this page! Thanks.

It turned out ok this time, Lorna! Yea! I was concerned!


Well it looks just wonderful, so it is bound to taste accordingly!


There it is Warbs! Looks pretty good too, in fact it looks delicious. Is there any left? Thanks and hugs, janet


It's dead easy to make Laura - you should try it:)))


Oh wait, I may have to try another piece to be sure.


Good on you Dave - you did it:)))))))))))))) It looks wonderful and I bet it tasted great too!!!! Mine looks just like this - the photo I posted with the recipe was one I found on the internet - as the recipe is from a 1974 book and the photo was pretty crappy!! I'm sooo pleased it turned out well the second time!!!
Now for the BIG question - does it taste good??


Nom nom's good.


It's gorgeous!!!! Thank you Dave ... and Robyn!!
: )))))


Edible art, Jacki? I hope so...

Welcome back jyl, I saved you a place!

The milk is fresh and cold, Pat, and the Tea Cake is just out of the oven one minute ago. Enjoy!


Coffee and tea, both, elf75, glad your on top of things.

That'll work Barb if you don't want....

Or even ice cream, Patti!

Bettr your screen than your keyboards, Ellen!


Nice to see you Faye. Come have a bite.

I have a knife Barb, cut it up!

Thanks snooker, join in!

Please do Beekay, and thank Robyn for the recipe if its edible.

Good to see you under there smllpkg, out for a breather! Dig in!


I'll take a small piece with a glass of milk ...


It looks good enough for you to boast about, Dave! Well done, and thanks. Thanks SunnyBarb for the whipped cream, too.


A work of art Dave.


So artistic! I was slower than usual due to having to stop to wipe drool off my screen!


Yes, whipped cream will be perfect with this! :)


Yes, definitely coffee will go great with this fabulous cake, elf75! And I can bring some whipped cream :)

sure looks good to me
Coffee anyone?


Took off the mask and snorkel and I'm ready to eat. This looks delicious. Got any whipped cream? If you're going to blow your diet, you might as well go all the way! ☺


Something that looks this great just has to taste good! I'll help you sample it LOL.

Of course it's good. :) Looks wonderful.


Let's try it and answer your question, Dave!!!!!!


Just "tuned in" and read the recipe on your previous post...I get first "dibs" where's the whipped cream"? :)))