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Carrots have been used to sweeten cakes since the Middle Ages. Back then, sugar was scarce and expensive while carrots, which contain more sugar than any other vegetable except for the sugar beet, were much easier to come by. Carrot Cake reached a new level of popularity in Britain during World War II, when sugar was rationed but carrots were very accessible. In the 1960s is became an American dessert standard and is now a must-have on restaurant dessert menus.


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Rosie, its good to see you, I've missed you. Did you get my email? Your carrot cake sounds amazing, I hope your son enjoys a wonderful birthday on Sunday, I'm delighted you enjoyed the puzzle and info. :-)


This is really funny. We are celebrating my son's birthday this sun.---2/10 and his request is for my carrot cake. That for dessert after beef stroganoff and popovers--all his favorites. The secret to moist carrot cake is crushed pineapple and 1/4 cup of the juice. Makes it very moist every time and it has to be three layers with cream cheese frosting and the sides covered with chopped walnuts. Very fussy guy but wonderful. Thanks for the great puzzle and the info--I never knew.


Thanks Ardy, I'm sorry cake is out of the question for you, but that is so funny about the magnet you gave to your aunt!! I love eating vegetables, but as you may have gathered, I'm a bit weird!!! :~))


I always read descriptions - like I always read bulletin boards!! As a border line diabetic I limit carrots and cake is so out of the question. But yummy. I found a magnet that said "In this house, carrot cake is a vegetable." I gave it to my aunt who wasn't all that thrilled about eating her veggies. Thanks for this fun series.


Thanks Katie, I added the history to see if anyone would notice... so I'm really pleased you and a couple of others commented about it. :~)


Thanks whatnauts, I'm trying NOT to make them all food orientated, I promise!!


Thanks Wendy, I'm glad I made beautiful slices of your favourite cake even though it isn't your birthday. :~)


Thanks Leslie - that's a really good idea... and resisting the temptation while you wait can't be bad for you ;~)


Oops Michelle (shhhh... don't tell anyone, but these are very dry shop bought ones, you wouldn't really want to eat them). Thanks for stopping by :~)


Another delicious day Mandy! Thanks for giving us the interesting history too - who knew indeed!


Yum, yum. Interesting background info, monza. I can see where this is going to be a bad year for instant cravings!!


Carrot cake is by far my favorite cake, and in fact it's what I request on every birthday of mine. The four different slices in your puzzle are beautiful, Ms. Mandy. :-)


We put some away in the freezer for a later date, but when the craving comes its really hard to wait for it to thaw!


Making (and eating!!) carrot cake was an addiction of mine for years... I collected recipes looking for the moistest and most flavourful... mmmmm. (Too many store bought or restaurant ones are dry so hence the search for the right recipe.) Cream cheese icing is definitely the topper of choice!

You do realize that you've got me craving it again, don't you Mandy?


Thanks for visiting and enjoy your cake, grandmalucy and Pat!!

PJ, you will often find carrot cake on sale in Britain, but I don't see it often on dessert menus, as seems to be the case in the US. Google carrot cake and you will find millions of recipes!!! Gluten and dairy free versions too... if that helps!!


Mandy - wonderful, fun and interesting. Thanks for the info. Lovely images. I haven't seen layered carrot cake for years - is it usual in Britain? I guess there are receips for such delicacies too.


I'm with Lucy ...Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing Ummmmmm


Yum Yum Yum. i love carrot cake, with cream cheese icing.......


Have a lovely time Barb :~)


I'm going for brunch today with my niece but it's at a pub and I'm not so sure if they have carrot cake on the menu. :-)))


Thanks Barb, I suspect that Carrot Cake producers know about this day!! Watch out for vendors on the streets!! LOL!!!


Mandy, I'm sure Kirsten won't mind sharing with the rest of us. LOL
Thanks for a cute puzzle as well as a short history of the carrot cake. Who knew indeed? :-)


Thanks Kirsten, despite being top of the leaderboard, please don't eat it all!! LOL!!


YUM!!! I love carrot cake. Thanks Mandy. :)))