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Bella Has A New Forever Home With Javasage

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Soon to be renamed Callie Lou, she has now found a forever home with one of Jigidi's own.....Javasage (Libby). This little bugger has managed to worm her way into many of our hearts, and, thanks to Libby, we will all now be able to follow her as she grows and matures. We all will get the wonderful chance to hear how mischievous she can be and how smart she is. Hear and see the love that she will give and the love that she will receive. What started out as two babies thrown away, Callie Lou (aka Bella), has now traveled around the world and found favor in many of our hearts and minds. She is indeed one lucky little girl!!!

She sleeps tonight, ever so soundly, after a afternoon and evening filled with fun times. The photo above is her retrieving an old sock that I tied a couple of knots in last night and gave to her. She has definitely mastered the concept of fetch!!! LOL I was thrilled to get the photo above LOL Trying to focus on a little doggie coming toward you within a short range can be challenging LOL But with one lucky shot, her new trick was caught on camera. Not sure how we managed to do that LOL

While it will pain us to let her go, I know without a doubt that it is the best for her. If our back yard had been fenced in, she would have had a forever home with us. We have already lost one doggie to the highway that runs in front of our house. We solved that problem by putting an electric fence up when someone donated yet another doggie. The funny thing about the electric fence was that I ran into it many many more times than he ever did. We named him Andy. It was diabetes that took him from us but we sooooo enjoyed him for years. He did not go to the pond that is located right beside us which now has alligators in it, so there wasn't that worry with him either. In fact he enjoyed going out in the little boat with me to fish LOL Somebody threw away another good dog when they dumped him. Their loss and our gain!!!!

Our last little dog was Buddy, a rat terrier who lived for 13 years before cancer took him. That little bugger taught me many many things and I even teased our neighbor that Buddy knew how to read lips LOL He was an inside doggie and loved to go where ever we went.

If we ever get another doggie, we would want another small one that we could keep safe inside. Callie Lou should not get as big as a lab, but she would have to be mostly an outside doggie. With Libby, she will be an inside companion to her, Roxie, and Java Bean....her kitty cat. Libby is no stranger to dogs and I know that Callie Lou (aka Bella) will invade Libby's heart and home with all her beauty, love, and smartness. So cheers to Libby for taking her into her life!!!!!!! I am so excited that we will still be able to observe Callie Lou as she grows here on Jigidi!!!! Her journey is far far far from over :-)))))


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This is the very first chance that I have had to make it back here!!!!! We are remodeling and are having problems with Home Depot. Spent all day today fussing with them, but am now turning my attention to Callie Lou, Libby and Jigidi!!!! Such a pleasant way to escape!!!!! I have a one track mind and have to force myself to focus on more than one thing at a time!!!!!

I shot a video but I haven't had a chance to edit and upload it to YouTube, but I will give a link when it finally goes up. That way you can all see Callie Lou in action LOL

Our trip was a sheer pleasure!!! Everything went soooooo well!!!!!! Our son and his wife live in Warner Robins so we left early Saturday morning so we could stop by their house before meeting Libby at the State Park. Let me just say that had the people that owned Callie and her brother taken a bit of time, they could have definitely found another alternative to dumping the little darlings in the highway. It seems that Callie Lou wins everybody's love the first moment that they see her. Our son and his wife immediately fell in love with her and those eyes of her brother had them too!!!!!! They want a doggie, but just aren't at the point in their lives to take one on just yet. It broke their hearts to not be able to take either one of them. When we got ready to leave their house to go to the State Park, my son had just sat down on their couch and was holding Callie. We told him that it was time to go and he very reluctantly handed Callie Lou back over to us and said, "I just want to hold her!!!" Just those words bring tears to my eyes!!!!!!

Anyway, while at their house, Callie got a work out. She had a ball playing in their backyard with them. By the time we got back into the truck, she was worn out and fell asleep and slept all the way to the park. Will post a pic of her in just a bit LOL The first two hours of the trip she had spent in my lap and also wrapped around my neck and on my shoulders LOL But that good roamp in their yard wore her out.....which I hope helped Libby make a easier trip home with her. I hear that she slept much of the way on their 5 hour trip back home LOL

While it was indeed difficult to let Callie go, in my heart I knew it was the best thing for her!!!!! It gave me peace to know that she was going to a heart that would love and care for her. That is a wonderful feeling I must say!!!!! While the people that dumped the pups lost out on all of this, I can definitely say that it was our gain!!!!!!

So, let me try and make a few rounds and also check out Callie Lou's profile page. I haven't had the chance to see it either........... Will try to upload some of the last pictures I took of her........


Roerick...Callie has her own profile at: Callie_Lou


Kathy and Libby, have been waiting patiently to hear that the trip went safely for all concerned and that Callie Lou is safely in Libby's hands and that the exchange wasn't toooo hard on Kathy. I know that you shed tears giving her to Libby, Kathy but it is all worth it for that little blonde sweetheart. I admire you so much for all you've done and know that you will be rewarded. And, Libby, we can't wait for new photos. Kuddos to both of you.


I'm elated. Thank you for telling us all this.
I could hug Libby (and Callie Lou).


Great news!!! :DDD


P.S. Callie_Lou has her own profile now! ;-)))


We did arrive home safely!!! It's been a 10 hour driving day for me, I'm whooped, but absolutely positively without a doubt completely smitten with Callie Lou! Don't think Roxie is quite there yet...but she'll come around! All is right in Bandits, Sophies and our world! ;-)))


Thanks gemstone! I know I should be in bed snoozing away...tomorrow is going to be a long one, but somehow I am not sleepy yet! ;-))) BTW, I did see your ? about thundershirts, had just found out about them recently...I hesitate to get one because Roxie has a foul weather coat, wasn't sure if she would develop a negative association or not...any experience with them yourself?
Will post a pic and update as soon as I can..Sun if all goes well!
Amazing how these pups have brought all of us together and feel sure our closeness will continue!!! Will at least check in to let ya'll know we are home safe and sound...till TOMORROW! ;-)))))!


Just returned home after a seven hour drive but wanted to wish everyone a safe journey tomorrow...a little bittersweet for Kathy and hubby but Bandit will be rejoicing, as will Libby. Blessings. :)))


So pleased to read the happy ending / new beginning for this gorgeous and oh so lucky pup. I haven't commented before but have been following your updates, and would like to add my heartfelt gratitude for rescuing the pups, and giving them the opportunity to have what is rightfully theirs; a happy loving home. And that we on jigidi will be able to follow Callie Lou's progress courtesy of Javasage / Libby is just brilliant! Thank you!

god bless you hummingbird 59 and your husband. you did good!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, I want to cry, but Callie Lou's dog lucky and will have the best home by Libby, many many happy years wish I together, with all my heart


I took it right away, just about, I live too far away, they are, in my opinion, the best dogs in the world, I had the akim 12.5 riku, 3 times saved my life, I don't know what to say, I owed hounds. good luck with Bella and for Bella


What a great way to start a year, with a happy ending!


In case the comment below is missed somehow on the other puzzles.....please allow me to post it on each of the adventures of Callie Lou and her brother............

I am THANKFUL for soooooooooooo many things!!!!!!!! I stumbled into Jigidi not so long ago. Not only has Callie Lou found a community filled with support, well wishes, wisdom, sharing, caring, tips and warmth, it has become so evident to me too :-)))))))))) I am so thankful for Jigidi and all of its wonderful people. What a great way for everyone to start off the new year. I am thrilled to have been part of Calli Lou's and her brothers life and the oppertunity to share it with the world. For such tiny pups, they have indeed traveled all around the world. The love that wasn't there from their beginning has now been multiplied beyond count and we all embrace their future with high hopes. I am so greatful for Libby welcoming Callie into her home and heart!!!!! My husband stands tall in my eyes for all that he has done for these little guys. His very first emergency trip to the vets office to find something to combat the fleas, another trip that night for oatmeal shampoo aftr learning fleas might could jump 6 feet LOL LOL LOL, the early morning visit to the vet to get their first shots and deworming, the trips to fetch food and toys LOL, his tender heart, and his patience with me through all this, makes him one special guy in my book!!!! He has always been good to me. God blessed me with my husband and our son and He has always had His hand in my life!!!!! I learned a good while back that when we ask of Him things and it seems that He doesn't answer, that we are often asking for the wrong things. I am sure many of you have seen this in your lives too? Sometimes we just need to change what we are asking for and then do some searching for what He has already provided for us. He has promised to supply us with every need. We just have to do our part and search out those supplies that He already has in place.

I am delighted that the story of these two little pups have touched so many lives. I am thankful for each of you that have shared in their journey and best of all, we all have something good to look forward to because of Libby. Who could ask for more? LOL

So here is to ALL of Jigidi and to the future!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))) Hugs and appreciation all around with more to come :-)))))))))))))


Forgot to mention in my previous comment of yesterday that I am so glad that trucker was again a no show. There was something about that whole scenario that didn't set right with me. Don't know what it was, though. Anyhow, I'm just so happy for all.


Good Day All!,
Quick update on the next leg of the journey...I will be meeting Kathy on Sat. to "retrieve" Callie Lou...I CAN'T WAIT!!! My camera battery is re-charging, so we will be able to share the event with all...gosh I am already feeling the pressure to take great shots like Kathy does! ;-) You'll just have to bear with me on that!
I come here 1st thing myself, reading all your comments is such a wonderful and heartwarming way to start the day! Thanks also to those of you who have sought out my profile to leave comments there...just wanted to let you know I have seen them!
Just think, I'll be getting my very own early morning update on Sunday from Callie Lou Herself!!!
Warmest regards and big hugs to all! ;-)))))))))


I too have been following this story and I'm thrilled with the outcome. I wish Callie many happy years with Javasage, and visa versa:-)You will be very good together as you were fated to be together. Many hugs to both of you . Hummingbird you go down as a Jigidi "STAR"" What you did
was wonderful. I was so tense through out this episode, I can imagine you must have been.
All good deeds get paid back and so will you Hummingbird:-)))))


I just got in on the end of the story but I'm so glad I got to be in on at least the end. It is a beautiful story and I will look forward to all the next chapters! Thank you Kathy and Libby!


Guess I am another echo. I have been following this amazing story since the beginning,
and I get up every day and run to the computer (after taking care of my dog & the outside
birds, and feral cat), and just love seeing all the warmth and compassion with people
we've never met. I love this sight, and it gives me hope that there are so many nice
people in the world. Those sick idiots who dropped off those babies should have to
pay, but they won't. We need stricter rules in the world about puppy mills, dog fighting, etc.
I am so glad she will be chipped, as all dogs should. I have been here 8 years, and can't
tell you the amount of feral cats that come here. What is wrong with people? Lots of
hugs and love to all those wonderful people, especially Kathy and her husband, and
to Libby. Looking forward to see Callie Lou grow and progress. Good luck.


To echo another jigidi friend, I always come here first to check for updates on the pups and tonight I find this wonderful ending to the most heartening story of love and rescue. Thank you to Hummingbird59 and her hubby for the incredible beginning to this story and to Libby for the even more incredible ending. Who would think that we would all be a party to something this heartwarming on a jigsaw puzzle site! And now we all get to continue to watch Callie Lou grow and mature. Always spay or neuter and always, always chip your animals.


An absolutely adorable picture...what a change in such a few days!

This story has just been so wonderful from start to finish thus far...what an amazing community this is! To have "one of our own" take over stewardship of this little girl's welfare is a more than satisfying happy ending to this chapter of the story.

Libby, I am so glad to hear that Callie Lou is going to be micro-chipped; we've had this done with our pets for years and I strongly advocate it too. New mamma is very excited to be already buying her new baby fancy jewelry!

I can only reiterate what I've said several times before but meaning it just as sincerely each time: Bless you and your husband, Kathy! For rescuing them, for cleaning and caring for them, for getting them veterinary care, for discomfiting your beloved residents Bandit and Sophia, for sharing them with us, for finding forever homes for them and for being brave enough to be practical and let little Bella-Callie Lou go to a home where you feel that she will be safer. *hugs* to you. In fact, gang, group *hugs* all round!


Forget "A Tale of Two Cities" - how about "A Tale of Two Puppies"!

Thank you Libby for alerting us to this wonderful ongoing saga of rescue and love. Thank you too, Kathy and Hubby for rescuing these pups from unimaginable destinies. Libby, you will be blessed by having Callie Lou in your life. Hope Ms JB isn't too miffed LOL. Hugs, Chrissie and Sally.

I cry with happy endings, but I'm happy too.....thank you everyone for all your caring and sharing.
Its wonderful. Callie Lou is a pretty girl.


monza, I am ROTFLOL! Too funny ;-))) You folks here at Jigidi are the very best, and all the best people know it! I can feel your warmth and caring, and it means so much to me! ;-)))


What a wonderful photo, thanks Kathy. It's a furry tail ending!!! LOL


What a wonderful ending to what could have been such a sad story!! Thank you Kathy for keeping everyone updated! And congrats to Libby!


Perfect Photo!! Spreading Good Karma! Way To Go! I thought about it myself, even though I have no idea where you are. Thanks for sharing your history. I'm certainly honored to be a new Jigidy friend of yours. Have fun, Libby!!!


Glad to hear everything has turned out well......she is certainly a fine looking little dog........Well done everyone!....


This is a fine fairy tale! They lived happily ever after!!! Javasage will keep us in the loop as Callie Lou grows up, and we know she will be loved and give love. We can all sleep well tonight:)
A fine next chapter in the story!


When I get on the jigidi site the first thing I do is check out the updates on Callie Lou formerly Bella. Who would of thought that you could find such a support system from a jigsaw puzzle site. Looking forward to see future photo updates. I was hooked on your rescue story from the beginning and knowing there is a wonderful outcome. On October 17, 2011 we had to put our wonderful husky to sleep. She developed kidney problems and probably other problems and was in pain. We could'nt make her suffer any more. I have not been ready to bring another four legged child into my heart until this touching story happened. I think I will wait until Spring to look to pet adoption if my family is okay with it. When I do I will post a photo of the dog. Cheers to Libby for giving the pup a forever home.


I almost forgot that there was a puzzle to solve with this oh-so-sweet picture and the even more touching story of this adorable pup and an amazing story of rescue and adoption. Can I mention that I've got tears running down my face? Thank you, Kathy & DH and Libby -- you're the kinds of people this world needs more of.


I have to be away from the computer for a while, but will be back on later :-)

Libby, feel free to respond to any comment that you would like to :-))))))))


I was first alerted to this story a couple of days ago by Kirsten and have checked all the photos of these 2 lovely puppies and tried to read most of the comments. First, may I say you (Kathy) and your hubby are 2 wonderful, wonderful people for saving the lives of the pups. Thank you for looking after them and for finding them loving homes. And Libby, thank you for taking in Bella (now Callie Lou). This is such a heart warming story that could have gone the other way. Thankfully, all has turned out well in the end. :-)


Ringleader, Buckeye, Libby.........Smiles all around here!!!!! :-)))))))))))))

BTW Libby, what time did you finally go to sleep last night? LOL Or did you even get any sleep? LOL Her excitement about getting Callie Lou kept her awake last night LOL She had to get up at 4:30 am this morning :-(

That is also an excellent idea about the chip!!!! I am behind on times and would not have thought about having a chip!!! BRAVO Libby!!!!!


Congratulations Callie Lou. You are one lucky doggie to have found such wonderful people to care for you. Javasage, congratulations for taking her in. I know we'll all receive lots of up-dates. I'm just so happy to have such a sad event have such a wonderful, happy ending. Hummingbird, you and your hubby are wonderful for giving these darlings a new start at a happy, and hopefully, long life.


Great shot and the most terrific of news! And Libby...I believe in synchronicity...all the players in the same spot at the right time...with love in their hearts! :DDD


May I add my 2 cents? It occurred to me she and her brother have a very special Guardian Spirit watching over them...first being dumped and ending up IN the middle of the highway, then (before they got hurt) to be rescued by loving people who are taking the best care of COULD have gone the other way, there are lots of nasty sicko's out there...I shudder to think...the wee laddie has a new home, and just as I have begun to heal from loosing Dulcie, Ms Callie Lou lands in my lap(top)!!! ;-) How cool is that?
I have just finished ordering an ID tag for her that will have a copper disc background and a Native made sterling silver Spirit Bear with her info on the back. I also intend to have her micro-chipped on her first vet visit here, which I strongly advocate!
I was at a total loss when Roxie strayed along as to how to find her former owners with no tag or chip, or reports of her missing at any of the local shelters, animal control, next door neighbor and I tried everywhere we could think no avail and ultimately to my benefit! ;-) BTW, what I learned is every vet and shelter will scan an animal for a micro-chip for free, so finding their owner is almost guaranteed (if they have one)! The chip is injected (with a little saline) under the skin in the neck/shoulder area, no more uncomfortable than a vaccination!
GREAT pic Kathy, although I must confess to being biased from the start! Libby ;-)))


Thanks for catching this! You and your husband are wonderful for rescuing the two puppies AND finding good homes for both! Libby is so going to enjoy this little one!


Wonderful news, Kathy. You and hubby did such a good thing in rescuing these little pups. Glad this one is going to a Jigidi home. I hope Libby will let us watch her grow up. I trust Bandit will recover soon.