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The Road to the Creek

24 pieces
215 solves
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Thanks, Treker! Haven't seen you around in awhile, and I'm glad you stopped by.


Nice photo!


Thank you, Morris, and my pleasure, PLG!


Love it! Thank you!, TS!


Very pretty, tex!


You're welcome, Cel. Thanks, Sis, I love all these fall puzzles too. Soon we'll be smelling the fireplaces. Today we were at 90, and tomorrow supposed to be in the 40s! Pneumonia weather, we call it.


Beautiful, Sis! Thanks!! We don't have much color and I miss that! But I'm enjoying all the colorful Fall puzzles!


What great colors! thanks Texas


Thanks, Graciela, JJ & Lyndee. Since we don't get much color anyway, we don't know what we're missing anyway, except through pictures. I was at the lake today and the trees are just barely sort of yellow, so instead of turning color, our trees just fade! I can always hope, though. You guys enjoy your foilage, it's wondrous.


I'm beginning to get sad that this is going to end way too soon. Winter can be pretty but nothing compared to fall. Great puzzle Tex.


Very nice, and I enjoyed your puzzle, TS although I am having a normal slow day today....Thank you for adding a lovely autumn scene. It is such a short season here, and it is good to get out and enjoy the color ...after all, it was created to delight our eyes, I believe..and maybe our eyes were created to behold such splendor! Either way you look at is good to look around us.


That's the way is looking here right now, I drive around every day just to look at these wonderful colors! thanks Tex


Isn't it a blaze of color? I love fall, even though we don't get much color, I like looking at others. Thanks, Ank.


Great picture, thanks. I love the colors. It looks like a road from a fairy tale.