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The entrance to the golden wood opens!!

48 pieces
58 solves
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Ohhh, Ardy, they aren't allowed to do it themselves!! And you are right, getting it down is a problem - to us!!! Thanks so very much!!

Oh, yes, Mandy, it's inside the Goddess - don't worry!! Thanks so very much!!

Yes the golden people know about it as it's the only way they can have their boats. IF achemists had visited this place I'm not sure they would have been shown this!! Thanks so very much gerdje!!

I'm very glad you think so whatnauts, thanks so very much!!


Wow, this is going to be interesting!! Thanks, Hanne and Bent :))

Big surprice!!! A lot of answers : here is GROWING the gold ( did the early alchemists visit her once ? ) and new asks : did her golden people allready knows about it ? Many thanks , the picture is magnific.


More magic!! It looks beautifull beyond the door... but looks can be so deceptive??


I love where your imagination is taking us, Hanne & Bent. A golden wood hidden from the view of most. But they must harvest what they need and get it back down the mountain. I foresee some problems developing here. Tomorrow eagerly awaited. Thanks, both of you.


He-He yes isn't it?? Thanks so very much Sandy!!

Yes, but with some awe!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


Ooooh......the Golden Wood!.........Onwards!.......


Oh, now this is going to be interesting.