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And Pretty Maids All in a Row........... :)) I

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No problem with this, make sure that you have got a weekend during the time you come round and tell me with some time ahead so that we can make plans. :)))


Morning Dagmar! Chaotic gardens work for me!! And I hope to keep you to that invitation some of these days! :-))


Hi Hester, my garden is everything but orderly. LOL I would feel horrible if all my flowers would stand straight like this. My patios usually look like a barely controlled chaos and with us only being there at the weekends there is nothing much I can do about it, except enjoy it. If you ever come to Madrid, especially around late spring, I'll be very happy to show you around my patios or any other place you would like. :))
In a little while I'll go on a journey through Morocco. :))


THanks for a very enjoyable wander around your garden,Dagmar! My garden would never be this orderly! LOL. I'm sure your potted display is gorgeous! :-)


Hi Mandy, you remember what we talked about the headings the other day. This morning I had a moment of brillance LOL and I remembered the old nursery rhyme, but I'm afraid this is all there is at the moment. :))
Thanks for coming round. :))


I'm glad you like it PJ, I wasn't even sure if I should post it as it is one of the first experiments with the brushes I made and it looked a bit strange, especially in the thumbnail, but I liked it in the big size "et voilà" :)))
Thanks for your lovely comment and for dropping by. :))


Hi Ardy, I just tried your scrolling and you are right some move up and others down. LOL I'm glad that you enjoyed my flowers and the dancing lines. LOL
I went to read your replies, thanks for reminding me as there are some days I hardly remember my own name LOL and I forget about half the comments I wrote and I never get round to check them our with the completed button. I'm a disaster. LOL
Have a wonderful Friday when you read this and I'll see you tomorrow. :))


It's wonderful to get such enthusiatic feedback, Barb, that makes the hours it took to cut out the flowers, as Kirsten says, so much more worthwhile.
Thanks for your visit and you are always welcome. :))


Thanks for your lovely comment Nuciferea and I'm happy that you enjoyed my flowers and my real name is Dagmar, as you might have guessed. :))
Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome. :))


You are right, Kirsten, it took many many hours to cut out all these flowers, the gluing was easy, but the cutting was difficult. Here you have a sample of what usually grows in my garden, although they don't really grow in rows, LOL, but in flowerpots all over the patios. :)) When I have some more time I'll do a bit more cutting. I have just learned how to make my own brushes, and there are many things still waiting to be cut out. :))
You are right, for you it's Friday already while I type this - for me as well as it's half past twelve - and finally tomorrow I hopefully will find some time for puzzle solving.
I hope you will be enjoying a lovely Jigidi Friday evening by the time you read this and have a wonderful weekend. :))


I think, to enjoy yourself is much more important than speed, Deborah and I'm happy that your liked my flowers. Everyone of them grew once in my garden and even now they can bring still some enjoyment. :))
Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome. :))


Lovely puzzle, thanks Dagmar. Are you going to do the other images from the rhyme???


Dagmar - yes, this is so lovely, so inventive, such a sweet and elegant design.


Lovely, fun, sweet. Does anyone else experience movement when using the scroll wheel? Some rows move down while others move up and some don't move at all. It happens only here, not in the finished puzzle size. Thanks Dagmar. Wonderful puzzle. I saw you were busy at my place yesterday. I left you some messages this morning.


What a lovely puzzle! When I first glanced at it, I thought the columns repeated themselves at certain intervals, but I see that each column is a different flower. Fun to solve, thanks from Barb. :-)


Thank you Dohun .It's fun and certainly very pretty .


Goodness me, Dagmar!! It must have taken you a very long time to cut all those flowers out with your craft scissors! And then to glue them all on the lovely background too. You must have been at it for hours putting this one together for our delectation!! LOL

Thanks for the fun. And only have two more days to go, before you reach your lovely week-end!! Yippee!!


Thank you Dagmar! I wasn't very fast, but I certainly did enjoy it! :)))