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I am the Cat Whisperer. I can usually tame any wild cat or coax out the shy ones given enough time.


What a sad day that must have been for you - but what great lives they lived!!
20 is a grand age for one cat let alone 3 - you must have the right touch!


Toomey lost her ears to skin cancer. She also was missing for five days. When I found her and tried to grab her, she tried to run away and I grabbed her tail, not knowing that something had attacked her and broken it. I got scratched and bitten 25 times and ended up in the hospital overnight, getting massive amounts of antibiotics. Toomey's tail had to be amputated because it had gotten broken at its base. But she was finally safe and sound, even if I wasn't.


Toomey lived to the age of 20, a very long time for an indoor-outdoor cat. She refused to be completely tamed and let me know in no uncertain terms when it was time to go outside. When I had to move in 2006, on the Sunday before the move, Toomey, Chloe and Chester were all euthanized. They were all 20 years old.