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More Flowers

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Oh, on a side note, whatnauts, I saw your AMAZING time on one of Mandy's puzzles!


whatnauts, I think I'm glad too. Anyway, I would miss you and a bunch of others. :-)


Yes, I did see Mandy's puzzle with the missing pool, but happily the pool is still here on your puzzle!
(I'm glad to hear/see you have decided to stay on Jjigidi!!!)


whatnauts, did you see Mandy's little puzzle in her most recent comment here? She took it!


I'm catching up on puzzles. This one managed to bury itself temporarily. I'm glad to see the swimming pool is still there. Before you know it, the temps will have warmed and we'll be looking for a place to cool off.....


Mandy, your puzzle is so funny! :-)


Thanks Wendy, I will!! LOL :~)))


OK, Mandy. Why don't you remove the pool and keep it? LOL


LOL!! Wendy, it would make a wonderful above ground pool.... for later in the year once the sun has woken up :~))


Edie, Mandy has been having problems with her internet service too. I feel for you...because I know how frustrating that can be.

Magda, you remembered! :-)

Thanks again, Janine and PJ. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. PJ, I just looked and you're still there!

Mandy, no, that's not an above ground pool. It's The_Reason_I_Wasn't_Ever_Going_To_Post_This_Puzzle. At the time I created this, I was trying to figure out what to do with that part, and then got fed up. I figured that someday I would fix it...maybe. Well, I never fixed it but wanted to post some flowers today, so here it is. LOL


This is great fun Wendy - but is that an above ground swimming pool I see through the curtains???


Fun and delightful puzzle, Wendy - and I made your board :-))) - for a little while (4:52)

I absolutely love it Wendy. You seem to have a great sense of color. Looks like flowers
with-in a flower. Thank you for sharing with us....Janine.


Lovely flowers who do not mind the winterly cold. Thanks Wendy


I'm glad you did too Wendy. I love your flowers. No internet for hours. So frustrating. Cheery and stress free. Thanks


Billie and LadybugCindy, I'm so glad you both enjoyed this. I made this ages ago and wasn't ever going to post it. Now I'm very happy I did. :-)


Love the bright colors!

So cleaver, thanks for the fun of it!