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Under the sea, under the sea ............ :)) I

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Thanks Wendy, it's simple but it makes you smile. :))


...and this is FLAT OUT ADORABLE!


Hi Mandy, I never have been very good at drawing, especially cartoons, as I told Hester the fish are copied from a book that shows how to draw cartoons step by step, I would love to be able to do a figure like this on my own, but I suppose for this I will need a few more years of practice LOL
I'm happy that the puzzles made you smile, that was what I intended with it. :)) Thanks a lot for coming round and your lovely comment. :))


I immediately thought of that song from the Little Mermaid!! Dagmar, I am overawed at your drawing ability... and knowing you did it on a tablet too... words escape me!!! Thank you so much for making this lovely and humerous puzzle :~)


Hi Hester,
While drawing it I really was singing the "Under the sea" of the "Little Mermaid" LOL
Here you have a link if you don't know it:

I'm happy you liked my fish, it cost me quite a lot of work, drawing them step by step from a children's book "How to draw cartoon characters" LOL Drawing on tablet for computer isn't really the same as drawing with pencil :)) and I never have been an ace at this either. :))

I'm really very happy that the fish managed to put a smile on your face, I was rather proud of myself when I finished the first one and saw it grinning at me. :))


There are thousands of things one can do with a computer and even though I have been using computers nearly from the beginning of the PC's, there will always be thousands of things I have got not the slightest idea about. It is impossible to know everything. I just learn the bits I need to get on with whatever I'm doing. You are learning an awful lot Ardy, and I think that is wonderful and I hope that when I reach your age I will be as willing to learn new things as you do. :))

Your avatar is lovely you couldn't have found a better avatar than a bell. :))

As for drawing with a computer I'm only starting to skim the surface of all the things that are possible. Today I downloaded a new program that looks very promising, now I only need the time to use it. LOL

Thanks for dropping by and I really do admire your determination to learn the new technologies. :))


Dagmar, are you singing the song from the cartoon movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"? LOL
This is so much fun!. The effects are great and I love the happy fish! They have got such goofy expressions! Thanks for this , it has brightened up a drab, dreary, damp day! :-))


Your fish look so happy, Dagmar. They'll stay happy too if they ignore that enticing worm. I find it hard to believe that one can do things like this with a computer. I'd love to have more computer skills but alas I was born too soon. Guess I'll enjoy what I can do. Thanks, Dagmar. This is fabulous.


Oooh. I can't wait to see the flowers on painted silk!!! You tease!! LOL

And you have a good last day of your hols too, Dagmar. :))) See you tomorrow/tonight.


I also love the background, but I'm afraid it was a lot easier to make than the fish. LOL It took me a morning to get the fish done but only while to get get my virtual watercolours. I always have loved watercolour painting and I've never done any real silk painting but I have always admired it and I think I have figured out how to do it virtually. :)) One of these days you'll get flowers instead of fish. LOL

Have a nice evening and see you my tonight your tomorrow. :))


That background Dagmar! It looks like hand painted silk!! I can see you with a wide brush, sweeping it across the fabric, using a waving motion. And you used water colours, letting them bleed into each other. It's fantastic!! I LOVE it. Thanks so much.

Oh yeah. The fish are nice too. LOL