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Reworked Carnival Wagon

72 pieces
133 solves
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Thank you very much, whatnauts. This is one of my favorites as a matter of fact, and besides, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this one.


Lovely puzzle, ms. wendy. Thanks much.


LOL! You're right, PJ. I would forget. hehehehe


Wendy - I'm glad we agree on this marvelous puzzle.
I've been looking for envelopes from the States - but then it dawned on me, if you can forget what the consolation prize is - you'll certainly forget to put a stamp on the envelope. Well, I still enjoy this puzzle :-)))


PJ, if you read my comments, you know that I love this one too. Thanks for agreeing with me.
Yes, there is a consolation prize. I forget what it is at the moment, but when I remember what it is, I'll send it to your Norway address. If I can't remember what it is, I'll send you an empty envelope.


Wendy - I just love this one, idea, composition, colors. You've done a marvelous job of selecting the core elements of a wagon - and redecorating in such a joyful and wonderful manner.
Is there a 'consolation prize' for 8:43 ????


Oh, I guess rainbow1 also deserves a prize.


Thank you, Mandy. I don't know exactly why, but this is one of my all-time favorites I've ever created...and I just don't understand why it's not very popular. I think it's so cool.

Yes, Mandy, you'll get a giant cuddly toy. I never liked the big plush animals that were offered with those games. I always felt like any female who lugged them around after their boyfriend won it for her, probably started wishing that their boyfriend didn't have such a good eye (to win it in the first place). I'll bet 99% of the people who brought them home, soon gave them away.

Pat, I like what you want so much more! You're being sensible. Yes, I'll send you one too. :-)


How about the runner-up to the runner-up?!!! A plastic Kewpie doll, maybe? LOL! Nifty puzzle, Wendy! :-)))


A very fun, bright and cheerful wagon - does the winner get a giant cuddly toy for a prize???