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Cat View of Christmas Tree

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just had to see... and this is why i do not have cats in the house


Ah, yes, the giant cat tree! Having been out of town, we have not put up our tree yet. It is going up today. I do have concerns regarding our unusually large "kitten"", Sherlock, who is into even the most mundane things! He'll be going for the 1000 points, lol! Thanks for e funny one, Cheryl!


Cheryl, this is so funny and SO true! One of our cats batted the felt stockings and ripped them.


Thanks, friends! So glad you enjoyed this. I've had cats do everything from totally ignore a tree as if it was nothing new or not there to sleeping in the tree, climbing the tree and knocking everything off that got in the way. Gotta love cats. Now, Sue, raccoons are different story altogether. I didn't know when you rescued them that they lived inside your house. LOL! On the deck is close enough for me. Have a wonderful holiday season and an even better year ahead friends.


Oh so cute. I raised several orphan raccoons and they each thought this was the greatest thing EVER. A tree just for them, in the house. One of them removed all the hand made ornaments and hid them under the sofa. The glass ones held no interest thankfully. Hardly ever had a change to see it lit that Christmas. Thanks for the memories.


Cheryl, when I had my Siamese we had certain ornaments that went on the bottom branches. About every day we would find them on the floor. She loved to bat them off the branch and then figured her job was done and would leave them for us to hang up for her to do again. Anything we treasured was up very high in the tree. Thanks for this. It's so funny and true!!! --Ardy


Such memories of adapting the Christmas tree to the various pets we they cats or dogs!


Hi VM. This is really funny!