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Calm Bermuda day last week.

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I showed this in the summer just before the hurricane passed us and it was very very rough! This is a calmer shot at the south eastern end of the island looking up south shore towards Castle Island and Gurnet Rock in the distance on the left. We are standing on Cooper's Island.


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Agree with Katerin....these photos really do warm a person up; very cold here in Nova Scotia today.


Sounds nice Francine.

Not much JB, this is kind of remote and rough a lot of the time. It is mostly rocky bottom with light sand on the fringes. We always came by boat. I just remembered I saw my first Hammerhead shark about 100 yards to the right of that first large rock. Was a baby, but still frightened me, my dad and godfather kept on diving, I got in the boat!!!

Hi Katerin, yes but I think all the NASA equipment was out here, the Navy base was farther back past Clearwater beach. Glad I can help to warm you all up, thanks.

It sure is PK, thanks.


Awesome view thanks Robbie...


Cooper's Island....that's on the old Navy base, right? Love your pictures. I think it's interesting that so many of us are in chilly climates right now and warming up with your pictures of Bermuda.


Do you ever see any snorklers carefully moving around the rocks? or is it too rough? It looks like it has a sandy bottom and might be kind of fun! Thanks so much Robbie. It is beautiful!


You are too kind LJ, thanks.

Thank you too bentleyd.

Thanks Jana.

Hi Ank, I posted this on 8th september titled "south shore Bermuda today." It was really rough and the rocks are under water. Thanks.

Yes Hanne it is fun to snorkel, fish and even sail, but you have to watch out for shallow reefs. Growing up we speared lobsters around here and dad found some lovely shells . Thanks.


Swim, sail, whatever - I would like to USE this water, it's so very inviting!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


So very beautiful Robbie. I remember an other storm. I just tried to find your old photos, some are gone, but there is still one, 8 hours befor the storm. Posted Feb. 20 - 2012. I think that one was a little worse as this. I hope this year all storm will stay away from you.


I agree with Denise, great, thank you Robbie


Wonderful colours, first class photo. Thanks Robbie. Amazing:-)


This belongs in National Geographic!


Thanks very much snooker, Jacques and Shirley, we crossed while I was running my mouth!!


What a view!! can't fault that Robbie.


heaven on earth!

Gorgeous view.


Thanks Francine, that is in the Raison Region Conservation Authority in Ontario? Sounds like a really nice place too.

Yes Tex it is a lousy place, but what can I do?! Thanks.

Hi wooky, I could have been out here with my dad back then and the buses still drive on the wrong side of the road, many more of them! Glad you have a happy memory, thanks.

Just let me know when lyndee........I'll plan a LOOOOOONG HOLIDAY!! Heh-Heh, thanks. I can cook for 50, no problemo!

You are welcome Buck, glad you like them.

Ha ha ha gem, you don't miss a trick!! Thanks.

Come on over!!

Yes they do PKH, thanks.


The colors so gently blend into each other. A fine view from Cooper's Island.


Thanks bloorox, I do have many nice memories and lucky to still enjoy our scenery.

Well that's nice pilley, thanks.

Yes that water is so beautiful and changes all the time, thanks.

You're welcome Ardy, same as chickie.


That's right gemstone. When are we going? Gotta hurry, winter's gonna be over soon! :)


And, lyndee, with lajuin's map we now know how to find Robbie's kitchen! :DDD


Thanks for yet another wonderful guided tour today Robbie! Great set of photos!


Better be careful Robbie. All of your jigidi friends are gonna want to hop a plane and visit your paradise! Can you handle 50 strangers dropping by???? LOL

Bermuda still looks beautiful after 56 years. I landed there in October 1957 on my way to a military post in Turkey. As was the custom in those day, our airplans were not the most reliable. I got to stay 24 hours. I still remember the bus driving on the wrong side of the road. Thanks for the memory.


I feel so sorry for you having to live in a crappy place like this! Come live in Texas, where we either burn up or freeze our a**** off! This is a beautiful photo. Thanks.


Beautiful. [we have a Cooper's Marsh in our area]


Robbie, I love all the varying shades in the water from the light aqua to the deep purple. Thank you for this calm picture.


Wow Robbie! You're killing me here! Beautiful aquas!


Love this even more than the lilies.....


What a beautiful place, Robbie! I kinda envy you :)