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Pub-Restaurant in Osoyoos

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in British Columbia, Canada

The climate, according to the Köppen climate classification, is semi-arid with summers that are generally hot and dry. September and October are usually dry and sunny with cool mornings. Winters are short and mild, but can be cold for brief periods during Arctic outflow conditions. Spring arrives earlier than other parts of the Okanagan.
During the summer months, the southern Okanagan Valley is among the hottest areas in Canada, and Osoyoos is often the hottest place in Canada. Temperatures typically reach the mid 30s °C to about 40°C (95-104°F) in the summer for short periods of time. Although it is hot, the humidity is low and nights are generally pleasant. Winters are generally dry and cool, but are mild compared to directly adjacent regions.
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Thank you Ank for the wonderful advice!! I will remember that. : )))


Never dance with wooden shoes Cathy, you can't walk for weeks:-)))))


Glad you could join the party Dave! : )


Yes Ank! Congradulations!!! Impressive!!!


Oh Wow!!! Ank, this is so exciting!! And what a coincidence!!! I love it. Congratulations on reaching that Jigidi milestone!! : ))))))))

Yes, Faye, let's celebrate!!! Noisemakers will be perfect. I have the balloons!

Oh good!! Lorna I'm glad you are here to celebrate with us!!!!! I have a CD of Dutch folk music so we can dance to that. I don't have any wooden shoes ... but we'll do our best. : )


Congratulations Ank! Yes, lets party!


And it was so funny, I did not know how many I had solved. Cathy wrote at my puzzle, still seven to go. So I looked and it was 20,006. I counted back and it was this puzzle. And that's really a nice coincidence. I will save this one. :-)))))))


Congratulations, Ank! I'll bring the noisemakers! LOL


YEH, this was my puzzle # 20,000. Cathy lets party :-)))))))))))


Thank you Lorna. Yes, it's quite different from the other buildings. Humm? I suppose to show you the town I should have taken a picture of one of the ordinary buildings.

Thanks Suzy. : )
You're right ... that's a serious but wonderful hobby!


To have a dome on one's home to gaze at stars! That's a serious hobby!


Nice unusual and ornately decorated building, and sounds like the food is good too!


Thanks Floyd. I stand corrected. : ) I guess I was thinking of the north which is huge and has a longer winter.


Great looking place, Cathy. Not so sure about the snow. I would say we have some snow 5-6 months most years.


Hi Beekay, Suzy and Faye! We were not particularly hungry (muffins in the car from Sunshine Market!!) so we decided to share a plate of Nachos. Well ... it was a BIG plate piled HIGH with wonderful nachos. The cheese, tomatoes, olives, peppers etc were not just on the top of this mountain ...they were layered all the way through!!!!! And the sour cream and guacamole were on the side. We finished the whole thing and we were soooo full!!

Faye, this was also mentioned in Wikipedia so perhaps he is still offering the lectures. Sounds great!!

Due to lower amount of cloud coverage compared to other regions, the area is popular for astronomers. A number of houses with astronomy domes are visible from the city's residential landscape.


The last time I was in Osoyoos it was a one-horse town! LOL

Years ago I was told of a B&B that was built on a local mountain by a part-time NASA worker. He spent his summers in Osoyoos and would offer lectures on the night sky...with his high-powered telescope enhancing the information. I wonder if it's still operating. :)))


Save some seats beekay!


Looks like Mexican food and margaritas for dinner tonight :-)


Thank you Lyndee. Yes, it does look a bit Mexican, eh? And I can't remember the name and I can't make it out in the picture. : (

Thank you JC. I took the picture of the Visitor's Centre from the patio of the restaurant ... so that was convenient!


Hi Neville! Thank you for your note. I often see your name on Starlord's 'Do You Remember' puzzles!! I'm glad you are discovering the different climates we have !! But really you are right ... most of Canada is mostly snow most of the time! : )


Thanks for the info, Cathy!


Now this is something I would expect to find south of the border.....US border that is!!!


Interesting reading, Kathy. And here I thought Canada was mostly snow, most of the time. Neville, Australia.