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Fishy Fish

100 pieces
364 solves
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Keep your eyes peeled. I will post at least one more puzzle like this.


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this is a wonderful puzzle... a quilt pattern lovely..


Wonderful puzzle, thanks Evil Ivan!!


So your initial comment made me try the other version, and I also thought it was harder, although I took 10 seconds off my time, probably because I expected the tricky cut this time...


OH, WOW!!!!! I hadn't solved this yet when I wrote the comment below. That was one of the most amazingly nasty, devious, diabolical "cuts" I've ever done! I'm not sure why an image that's made of 15x15 squares, in 100 pieces, should be able to break so cleanly right where one color ends and the next begins, but it does, and that makes it incredibly tricky. No wonder you call yourself Evil Ivan!


In a way, I do. But it usually happens on a puzzle where I think I'm taking forever, and my time ends up on the board anyway, but only because everyone else took forever as well! But there are the rare puzzles where I'm sure I'm going quickly, and I'm way behind--or the reverse--which is what I think you mean. And that doesn't happen very often to me (I usually can tell how I'm doing), maybe because I've solved sooooooooo many darn puzzles by now! :-)))


Does anyone else find that how well they thought they were doing has little to do with their time?


I found this version of fish much easier while I was doing it. But when I saw my final times, they were about the same as the first version, which I found really difficult while I was doing it.