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After 4 days of being in the 60's, this is the last of the snow.

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I stand corrected. It was 4 days in the 60's, not 2 days as I originally posted.


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That's a good idea warbler. If it's still there when I go to town, I will do that.


You should run out and make one last snowball, put it in the freezer, and get it out in July and photograph it to Jigidy. No snow here, yet this year, in Central Virginia.


Are you in the states gnt?


Good site for U chickie? No snow here this winter other then a little dust one day was over 60 here yesterday lol


Are you in Canada Michelle? Can't remember.


The rain has taken ours away too....this is quite the January thaw! We got up to 13 (Celcius) yesterday!


Thank you Hanne and JiggyBelle.


Yay! Goodbye snow!


You can have some of ours - just tell me how much!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Hope you don't end up with ice laura.
I'll scoop it up and send it on it's way robryan. Sorry it's been so hot for you.
38 deb. prob. feels pretty good where you live Patti.


We lost some too, but only got up to around 38 degrees. Maybe 40 for a very short time.


You can fling it my way chickie please!!! I could do with a bit of your cool weather - it's been very hot & humid for 4 days now - 27C - about 82F - at 7am each morning & it's 35C - 95F on the back veranda now!!


We are having rain, too, and it just hit 32 degrees, so it should be turning to sleet very soon.


That would have been a good idea tex. It was pouring down rain when I took this pic. I would have gotten my beautiful locks wet. LOL


Well hurry up and get out there, there's enough to build a mini snowman! That's about as much as we get in one year. It has poured down rain all day again today, and is still raining. Guess the lake is flooded again.


Robbie, you are right. It was t-shirt weather today. Tomorrow morning when I wake up it will be 20 degrees! 34 will be the high temp. tomorrow.
Looking forward to your puzzles morris.
Young man!!!! You will not get any sympathy from me on this subject.


Almost all the snow is gone here too. It has been in the 70's for the past week and will be very close to 80 so it will not last much longer unless I close the refrigerator door.


It's about time Morris............I've missed your puzzles.


I hope so tu, I will actually have some time tu take pictures tumorrow!!


Almost like spring then chickie? I guess it won't last will it?


You had a LOT of snow Suzy!
Hope you get enough snow for some photo ops morris.
Didn't know that fodus.
We area supposed to get up to 3" rain here over night. It is pouring now.


Our snow is gone also.....well, I'm not sure about the parking lots. But we only got in the upper 40's but 40's is ok for January. Now that we got rid of the snow, it's suppose to snow again tonight and they are predicting below zero later in the week. Burrrrr!


We have bigger piles of snow in the towns. Did you know it is against the law to dump snow in rivers, etc.? Yet, the piles can run down the drains which go into the rivers!


Wow is right! It is sleeting here, it should be changing over tu snow soon.


Yowser, Chickie! You had a heat wave!!! It's been in the 40's here-we rushed out to get in one more x-country ski jaunt today in preparation for more snow melt; but we have MUCH more snow left than you do!