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Happy Father's Day, Dad! - Vacation with Dad!

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We're at the Grand Coulee Dam in about 1960.
We always a bit of an education when we went on vacations.
(Dad will be 88 tomorrow!)


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Thanks so much, Hester! I didn't realize I was such a dorky looking kid! Gotta laugh at this. But, there are not a lot of photos with him when I was a child.


Just look at that cutie! And your dad is so handsome! This photo just glows with love and happiness :-)))


Rosie - I really do know how lucky I am. He is and was an amazing man. I just wish Mom could have been with his these last six years. Thank You!

Kirsten - I was thinking about you yesterday. You know what it's like to have an amazing father. Thank you for wishing my Dad happy birthday! You are a real sweetie!! :D


Oh, Jan! What a great photo - and the others too. I hope your dad has a great birthday tomorrow - and think you're very lucky to have him still around. :)))


Wonderful looking man you have at your side there, Jan. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful pictures of your Dad and your Hubby. Wish your Dad a very Happy Birthday today from the Jigidi world. My Dad would would have been 99 on June 25th. He's been gone for over 30 years already. Wow, hard to realize it's been that long.


Gail and Gracie - You are both so sweet to wish him Happy Birthday! We made cupcakes today for the celebration! Thank you so much!


What a lovely picture Jan!! Happy Birthday to your dad!!


Great photo, Jan. Please wish your father a most happy birthday.


Thanks so much, Ardy! Mom had problems with photography. She took so many where Dad's head was cut at his eyebrows. It was hilarious.....then! Now, I wish we had more of him with a whole head!


Jan, you are adorable!!! And your Dad is one handsome man. Thank you for sharing. A very happy birthday for him tomorrow.


Thanks so much Pat and JC! I look really dorky here!
We discovered that there are very few pictures of the two of us when I was young. Dad was always taking the photos! I'm sad there aren't more.


Wonderful photo, Jan! Love it!


Cute girl ... thanks Jan