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Yellow - Theme: All Things Yellow

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25 pieces
108 solves
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Darn it all, Mr. O! I'm just getting over a cold, and I laughed so hard at that I had a coughing fit!!
I won't even tell you how long I puzzled over that, trying to decode a message! That is hilarious - and you got me good on that one!! :-D


Aww, I was only joshin' ya about the message. I figgered ya gotta have some reason for collecting those symbols. Now that I know it's from Flikr I'll stop tryin to decode it. :>)


Ah, UL was my real hunch. :)
Wow - you were special!! They sure had to search far and wide to replace you! A lot of jokes suddenly come to mind, but I don't think I'd better post them!
What about the coded message? Please?!?!?!


Yes, it was UL, here in the states. Our department was so good they had to search all over the globe until they found an outfit in Asia to take over our jobs! :>)


Snooker and Pumpkin - thanks a bunch! I thought it was kind of interesting.


Mr. O - now you've given me a puzzle! This is a Flickr image by mag3737. I just put it on here for a puzzle for the gang - but now the puzzle is on me! I didn't know there was a coded message!! I sure hope it isn't offensive! Would Walter let you tell me what it is? (Oh please, Walter! I'll send you some extra-fine wood wax for your lovely noggin!)
And another puzzle: what firm would that be? Alpine Machinery (who made the COR248)? I'm kind of thinking Underwriters Laboratories? Or ULCanada? Tupperware!? I don't think BusyBeeGardening has been around that long.
I'm afraid you got me on both counts! Help!!!?


Fun to solve, tater.

Certainly different and very entertaining.


What a curious collection! Then it dawned on me there is a coded message in there. Very good!

(BTW, among those squares you have one of the marks used by a firm for whom I worked 20 yrs.)


What a delightful mix of elements, dearest Spuddie buddy! About the only yellow thing left on the planet that isn't here is a banana :-))) Hugs from us...


Thanks lydie!


Cool puzzle.