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H - by popular demand! also, If THAT doesn't blow your mind #2 (I think)

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This is hydrogen plasma. Since H is the lightest/smallest (in a sense) of all the elements in the Universe, it made for a tough search for an interesting pictorial subject!

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, making up 75% of the Universe's elemental mass. The most common isotope of hydrogen has one proton, one electron, and no neutrons.

Imagine H's proton nucleus is the size of a golf ball. If that's the case, the electron shell - the outside orbit of H's single electron - would be 1.4 km or 0.9 miles away from the golf ball. And the electron itself? how big is it? Well a proton is about 1835 times more massive than an electron. Scientists currently do not know how small electrons are. They are smaller than we can currently measure and may not have a size at all. (Cue quantum physics, string theory, multiverse music)

Since we are talking about H, the smallest atom in the Universe, it's also useful to know that atoms are unimaginably tiny.

Let's compare the size of a hydrogen atom to the size of a penny. A Canadian penny is probably roughly the size of your thumbnail.

Now make a wish! and toss that penny onto the surface of the Moon. The size of that penny compared to the Moon is about the same as the size as a hydrogen atom compared to your wish-penny.

Since hydrogen readily joins with most nonmetallic elements, most of the hydrogen on Earth exists in molecular forms such as water or organic compounds.

What THAT means is that maybe 10% of your weight is made up by the lightweight H atom, but H accounts for 65% of the atoms in your body.

Stars are made up of H when they are young - our sun is still mostly H. Remember the Hindenburg? it was an airship filled with lighter-than air (we are talking H here) hydrogen. (Helium balloons? they float because they are lighter than air. Helium is more than twice as heavy as H, because it's basically two H atoms fused together (more or less, neutrons, etc)). Hydrogen is highly combustable - where Helium is not. At. All. (it's a noble gas - should I do a noble gas puzzle?)

More thought provoking info on solving....


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It's actually kinda neat. I will post it soon. It's very tiny obviously but so bright it can be seen by our basic eyes!


OK I'm ready fir that pesky Higgs Bosun fluorescing....


No! I love it!! I've just been out of town for a few days and away from Jigidi!!


oops @n2horses97 gotta bore you, too, with this :)


LOL! What else is important other than Jigidi and Science?

Now I'm gonna have to do a Helium puzzle.

I DO have a photograph of -erm, a Higgs Bosun? something too small to have in our natural world, much less see, but it fluoresces and so we can see it.

So I will post a Helium puzzle and a whatsit quark are you serious can anything be that small.


There, there, Mazy. It is a beautiful puzzle and I enjoyed reading the science. I had it bookmarked but taxes are taking too much time away from important stuff like Jigidi and science. We must all follow our own paths and be happily surprised when we find company upon them, even if only 43 at this point. It's a smashing puzzle (maybe better to have a helium "smashing" puzzle).


@Mischa95 no one likes it :(


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy how (literally and figuratively) elemental H is for all things that aren't nothing.

Glad you liked the picture. It's difficult to make an engaging image from H, for obvious reasons. On the other hand, it's difficult to make or be anything without H. For obvious reasons.

I encourage you to make a puzzle or two - it's easy, and fun.


Boring; yet a pretty puzzle.