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Growly, umm, the Easter Bunny-Bear

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Growly wishes all his jigidi friends a very Happy Easter. He went out to do an egg hunt to give you all one each but they've got buried in the snow! So ,
"How do you like your eggs in the morning?'
Growly likes his with a kiss!! wink, wink!

Wendy, here is a link to a 12 piece for you. :-)


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Just when I think he couldn't get any cuter - he does! His head must be the size of Freddy's after all this admiration........but then, it always is, really! LOL
What a darling puzzle, Hester! Thanks!


D'une certaine manière, je ne peux pas imaginer tournoyer une moustache imaginaire, la belle Hestaire. Puis-je avoir une certaine effervescence de la belle Francais aussi? En outre, il est préférable de mettre du beurre sur les oeufs et non le champagne ... Et si vous versez-les sur Growly, il peut être salissant.


Ee hon, ee hon ma'mselle Faye! Je voudrais vous donne un bonne oeuf ( twirls imaginary moustache) avec beaucoup de fizz de la belle France! Il serait un grande plaisir de vous "butter up" ( pardon mon anglaise). Un joyeuses paques a vous aussi! ;-)


Aaah, M. Growly, you haf zee way with the it chocolat oeufs and the champagne tonight and soft poached eggs on golden, buttered toast in the morning...mmmmm...bring zee extra bootaire with you...joyeuse paques :)))


Yep, we're all out there on a limb....


Lucky I've got some seriously bonkers pals then, Gail!! ;-)) Ow, ow, arooooo.....


Seriously, I'm glad for you now that you have some choices. It's horrible to be homebound. Cabin fever sets in, and before you know it, boom!, you're nuts. The wonderful author Rita Mae Brown said that one in four people suffer from some form of mental illness. Look at your three best friends. If they're all right, it must be you.


Morning, Gail! I know, I know, but my BB was working so hard to clear our access as he is away this weekend. I couldn't leave him to do it on his own! And finally I can get my car out so am free to play, at home AND away! RESULT! LOL


Hester, you really need to get your priorities in order: moving snow or talking to us? Which is it? It should be an easy decision. One will perforce follow the other. If you don't shovel snow, you'll be housebound, making it easier to chat.


Ladies, sorry about the delay in replying. It has been another day of moving tonnes of snow and I have been unable to get back to Jigidi. :(

Kirsten, now there's an idea! He could earn a bit of extra pocket money and keep his dear old mum in comfort! LOL

Mandy, he does look quit cute in his bowtie and fluffy bunny tail!

Michelle, he is throwing things in his suitcase and hunting for his careful what you ask for! :-)))

Wendy, Growly would indeed be honoured if you chose him!

Gail, there was no problem, he hitched a ride in the egg basket so didn't get his paws frozen!

Rosie, it's lovely to have you visit. It's such a shame you are missing big dog love. I have always had larger dogs even though I only reach 5ft on a good day with the wind in my favour!! I have had an Afghan, Bearded Collies and now the best of the bunch. As you say, he is a lovebird!
And thankyou for the kind offer to the bear. His head is quite swollen with all the attention! LOL


I forgot to say thank you to Mr. Growly for the wonderful eggs. I'm with your Mom though--I like eggs Benedict and my hollandaise sauce isn't the best either. If you want to come here we could learn together and then share with everyone? Thanks Mr Growly. Rosie


Thank you for this set of pictures. I enjoyed your dogs antics in the snow--How much big dogs love to eat and play in it is always amazing and fun to watch. I don't get to watch my daughters poodle do that anymore since I moved back home to Mn and all the dogs around me are little ones who wear their coats and boots to go out--not much fun in the snow. Thank you for sharing---he's a real beauty. I love Briards---they are lovebirds. Rosie


Why didn't Freddy eat Growly's way out of the snow? Not a very good friend, if you ask me...


And he made mine. :-)
I added another little comment on the little puzzle, but there's no need to reply.
On a side note, the moment I saw Growly in his Easter basket, I took a screen shot. I'm debating whether or not to use him as my screen saver.


Growly, if you want to have some private time with me, I can teach you an easy peasy Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict are a favourite around here too...we could work it out together in the morning. *sigh*

(Hester, have a most wonderful Easter with your wonderful I know you will!)


Oh Growly, you've stolen my heart, your cuteness!! Thank you so much for your Easter wishes, and I wish you and all your family a very wonderful Easter holiday too :~))


Francine, big smiles and wishes returned many fold! :-))

Wendy, you've made his day! ;-)

Katie, he cleans up pretty well, LOL! I'm trying to teach him to cook eggs Benedict ( my all time favourite! ) but he hasn't perfected his Hollandaise sauce yet! Back to the drawing board, Growly!


Awww! Growly - you look so cute as an Easter bunny bear. Best not let the Easter egg manufacturers see you - or your likeness will be on every shelf of every store around the world!!

Happy Easter, Hester, Hester's BB, Freddy and Growly. :)))


Oh, Growly! You're so adorable all dressed up for Easter! Happy, happy Easter to you and your family too! And I'll take my eggs any way you like to cook them 'cause I like them fried, scrambled, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled.... well, you get the idea. Kisses and snuggles ; - )


Hester, what a wonderful way to start my day! I solved the little puzzle and left you a comment. :-)
Oh, and after reading your attached comment, many kisses for Growly! :-)


Happy Easter, Growly, Freddy, Hester & Hester's OH.


Michelle and Ardy, I'd left a "story" but between creation and publishing, the ether elves ate it!!

Ardy, he didn't hang around long!! He'd love a visit ( and any eggs! ) Hugs to you, my friend! :-))


Growly Bunny, you look quite the thing - dashing really. But aren't you cold in all that snow. And only one egg colored. You'll need more than that to hide for Easter egg hunts. Would you like some help. Kringle bear might come out of hibernation and run over. Thanks, Hester. A blessed Easter.


Oh, Grrrrrrrrrrrowly! You're looking so fine today in your bow tie! You have a wonderful Easter, dear bear, and I'll be dreaming of you! *wink* *wink* ;-D