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My granddaughter who lives in (and loves) Texas sent me this!

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You got it, Jan!


Very funny, Mimi! And, true!!


Thank you Punkin, this seems pretty accurate to me.

Thanks Fodus I thought it rained all over the state. I learn something new every day!

Hi Foxy, we get something of the same here in Louisiana, quick changes, except for the snow!

Right on Shirley, good plan!

Hi Liane, just heat and rain? We get a lot of those too.

I don't know about all areas Hanne, but I do know that in the Dallas area this is so true!

Once again thank you all for the great comments!


Well, now I learned something new again!! I thought Texas was hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry - and now this!! It's amazing - are the conditions so in all areas or just in some?? Thanks so very much Mimi!!


Luv the illustration . The weather pattern in my neck of the woods are Arizona and Washington .
Thank you Mimi .


Four seasons in a day, this is where layered clothes comes in handy. Thanks Mimi.


I thought it was because TX was so big that it had four climate zones but after reading the comments that it apparently not true! Good one, Mimi thank you and your granddaughter :-)


I live in eastern Washington and it doesn't rain here like it does on the West Coast. We have all four seasons. Snow, even!


This is so funny. I lived in Texas for a while in the early 60's and some things never change.


Just wait a few minutes and the weather will change! Well done, mimi!


Thanks for all the good comments. I appreciate each one!


She could not have been more correct, Mimi. I've lived here all my life, and you never know when you leave the house whether to take an umbrella or snowshoes! That's Texas, gotta love it!


love it, have a nice evening, here is bedtime.


Yes that is right When I lived in Dallas, the first time, they said the temp would drop down to 40 degrees by noon after the morning temps were in the high 70's, I thought they were kidding. No coat or sweater did I bring to the office, time for lunch came, punched the time clock and went outside. Way too cold, so punched in and went back to my desk to work. Now I learned to believe the weatherman when the weather changes.


This could be us in Oklahoma, too -- except for the rain. :-(


Thanks Nellies, and everybody calls me Mimi. Thanks for stopping by. My father was born in Toronto.