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Friday's Flower

42 pieces
116 solves
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Thanks so much, whatnauts. Also, I've been extremely tired lately and ended up sleeping about 20 hours out of the last 24. For the first time in ages I actually woke up feeling refreshed. :-) And speaking of comments, a few days ago I added up the amount of time spent on replying and it was 3 hours worth! But that included replying to comments on a few other people's puzzles as well.


Wendy don't apologize. I find when I log on, it takes me an hour or more to go through the previous 24 hours of comments - reading and sometimes responding. I know it's worse for you. I would think that in most cases, group comments are the most logical solution for you.


Oh....just smiling at you guys...Katie, Mandy, whatnauts, and Mary. I was offline most of the day and I realize that not coming on here sooner has caused a huge backup in comments I need to respond to. Keep in mind that I get quite a few comments on older puzzles as well. I wish I could personalize my comments but I'm finding it harder and harder to do. I beg your forgiveness. :-)


Oh, the Flower Dance, the Flower Dance! I do love to do the Flower Dance! 4:57 Thanks, Wendy!


Beautiful flower for Friday!


Thanks, Wendy.


Thanks for a flower fix for Friday! I love all the textures in this one.


Thank you, Jan. :-)


Very nice prelude to fall ...


Ardy, I thought you already left! Well, you haven't, so Good Morning. :-)


First-rate Friday flower. Thanks Wendy. I like it. Be back Tuesday.