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Clock for smart people

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Have to admit I couldn't place the exclamation mark (of the 5 o'clock) either. It must be 'times two'. Square root of 9 = three. Times two = six. Minus 1 = five.
I don't see another explanation, but I'm no mathematician :-)

obviously the designer of this clock's degree requirements went way beyond one semester of college algebra (must have been an engineering major). the exclamation mark at 5 oclock was totally foreign to me and just looking at 9 oclock makes my forehead wrinkle. this was fun, thank you.


@ Pdevredis: I think it's the modern maths :-)
@ Susanm: That's a good one :-) Re-calculating.

even if i COULD calculate the time, it would take so long that i'd always be re-calculating to get the current time. lucky thing it's got hands, if it had been digital i'd be pretty much clueless.


I guess my math is a little rusty, because I don't understand some of these. For 5o'clock, I don't know what the square root of 9! is, because I don't know what that means. It clearly must equal 6, because you then subtract 1 to get 5, but I don't know that symbol. Also, I don't know what the last symbol for 7 means (a line over .9)....... But I like the idea of the clock very much! :-)))


Then you should browse the internet in search of a clock like this one :-) Doing some exercise for the mind.


Good one ..... nice way to confuse someone.....I'm a math person myself..


I guess so, Angelbender, since I never received one :-(

Does Mensa award these to their top ten each year?