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This Bud's Been 'Bossed

49 pieces
133 solves
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Thanks, Mandy--I also have a version with clipboard textures, too--I'm like the people who turn leftovers into 5 more meals before they're willing to toss out the scraps...!


Lovely, I love the 'boss effect on this. Thanks Pat.


I can't tell if you're tired or not, whatnauts, but the puzzle is definitely fuzzy...!

Thanks, Jan--so far so good, today, with the cold not worsening, so I think (fingers crossed) I'm on the mend!


You were missed! But, welcome back! Hope you are feeling better, Pat.
Fun puzzle! Thank you so much.


Oops, I missed bookmarking this one earlier this evening. I'm either very tired or the puzzle is a little fuzzy. Since it's my bedtime, either one is possible!!! :))))


Yes, I am feeling better, and I'm sure you were a a big part of my recovery! Seriously, it really was so nice to find a compliment within seconds of posting my puzzles, and I did head off with a smile because of you! So thank you again!


I hope you are feeling a bit better this evening. I'm glad that I commented this am, giving you a nice message before you went back to sleep. ; )


Thanks so much, Mimi. If you have a strong stomach, you can check the Autumn Concentrics puzzle, where I went into all the gory details...!


This is some wonderful puzzle! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well and whatever it is I hope it goes away soon. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery.


Thanks so much, roseheather!

I'm not feeling very well today, and I just popped in (2 hours later than usual--mustn't lose those slots, right?!) to post some puzzles and then sign out, but I saw your comment, and I wanted to thank you first--it's a nice sight to see before I fall asleep again!


Beautiful. Thank you!