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Celebrating Canada

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63 pieces
145 solves
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Thanks Kirsten, it's good to know you had fun :~)


WOW Mandy! Wicked. But fun. Thanks!! :)))


You're right Ms. Wendy! It's a lot clearer in my folder. It's odd because I used the same sized canvas as before. Glad you like the kaleido images, thanks :~)


These are terrific kaleidoscopes, Mandy. This is one of those cases though, where I can tell that Jigidi's compression removed a lot of the fine detail. It's too bad because I'll bet it's stunning in your folder.


Wow, Pat, how lovely to see you at #1. Well done you :~)
I was amazed that Canada didn't have an official flag until '67. I also read that if people want to print the flag they have to get permission to use a particular red colour shade... so they are very proud and very protective of their national symbol... quite rightly!

Kaleido-ing the maple leaf produced some great images, and all together they made a great puzzle...thanks for the fun!


Oh, my, that was TOUGH! Look at the times for only 63 pieces! I'm amazed my time was good enough for (a temporary) first--I was floundering around the entire time... LOL! Lovely puzzle, Mandy!

After seeing your flag day one, I Googled Canadian flags--there actually wasn't an official flag until that one, and I find that so amazing! The site I checked had dozens of variations, a lot of them military. Thanks for expanding my knowledge! :-)))


Thanks dogmom, I just peeked at your puzzles... I love Hyacinth & Richard BOUQUET!!


Living in Michigan, USA we spend a lot of time in Canada. MUCH friendlier people in Canada!


That's so good to hear, thanks tootiemylove :~)


That was hard but oh so fun! Thanks


Thanks mimluc - its lovely to see you waving it :~)


yay Canada!! (waving Canadian flag) a fun puzzle!! Thanks for posting!