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HI, Sue. Thank you for the weather report. The same as here too. The day after tomorrow we will finally have rain and thunder. Look forward to. Hope you had rain!

Hi, joan. Thank you. Glad you are fine and enjoy jigidi.


Wow, this one confused me.


It has been in the mid to high 90's for about 2 weeks, with the heat index over 100. We have had a few short showers (15 minutes or so), but really need rain. It clouded over this evening and I was hoping for some rain, but it didn't happen. I'll have to water my lawn tomorrow. Have a great weekend.


Thanks for the message, Sue. How's the weather there? Toooooo hot here. Natural sauna!


Hi Sachi. Great scattering of shapes and colors and patterns. I enjoyed it. 2:02


HI, Jo. I enoyed your old memory about pigeons. I've heard the word ' carrier pigeon.' They really are!! It is not just in Harry Potter's world.?Great! Are they really carry anything, for example letters? Sooo interesting. Thank you for making a wonderful image for my puzzle by your wonderful imagination and your rare experience!!!


Love it! Love it! Thankyou for the colorful fun!! Looks nothing like pigeons, but, reminds me of my youth, when "old men" kept pigeons. On my way to school I would watch them "exercise" them. They would fly around him in a cluster, going in a sort of circle high above. Fascinating the way they were trained. Your pattern gave me that vision! Weird I know! tee-hee! But thanks for the memory! :)