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Good Day Sunshine!

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Today is the last day of Yellow Theme Week!


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I didn't recognize Glenn Shorrock......but what a cutie! Yes, I knew the music of Little River Band...Loved them. Brian Cadd looks like a hoot! Thanks for this link! I love finding things like this! I must get to YouTube more often!!!


What a gorgeous little challenge that was Jan! I adored it. Thanks so much. :)))

And I would like to add another "sunshine" song to your repertoire. It's by Axiom, an Australian band from the seventies, but it's still a winner.

You may know another hit of theirs - "Arkansas Grass". And you also might recognise the lead singer - Glenn Shorrock from the Little River Band, who had some success over there. And the piano player, providing vocal harmony is Brian Cadd. He had some fantastic songs at the time too. "Ginger Man" and "Show Me The Way" are two of my faves. And he still performs!

Sorry Pat! :((( LOL


And I've been loving all the music. But poor Pat seems tormented!


Thanks, Hester! :)

Katie - I've been trying to do song titles all week! You suggestion, if I remember correctly! :D

Pat - those ear worms! The rhythms are gonna get you! LOL
What a sweet thing to say, thank you so much!!


Arrrggghhhh! The title hadn't registered as the name of a song until Katie had to go and mention it! So now I'm stuck with another brain worm! LOL!

Beautiful images, and especially wonderful by each one remaining very individually arresting--hard to do when you only have yellow to work with! Thanks, Jan!


So, so lovely Jan! Not much sun here, but it's in the mid 60s. Oh, and thanks for another song today!


Beautiful! 'nuff said! :-)))


PJ, - Thank you so very much! They did turn out like flowers, didn't they?

Hanne - No snowball fight for us today. I do NOT cross country ski! Stay safe and warm and read lots of books! Do you have electricity? I wish these suns were REAL for you! :D

Thanks so much, Ardy - We all need a little ray of sunshine now and then!


I tied with PJ at the bottom (3:00) Beautiful, wonderful sunshine. Thanks, Jan.

Hanne, If your roads are closed I can't get there for the snowball fight. Sorry.


Thanks for all these suns, we've got snowstorm and the roads are closed!! Jan you are a darling to bring so many suns!!


We had a few hours of sunshine today - but your sunshine puzzle was a sheer delight, Jan. So nicely designed - the little flowers are so cute.


Thanks, Barb! The window sun is, by far, the best! YAY!


So nice to see the sun shining, both on my computer screen and through my living room window.
Thanks for a bright puzzle today, Jan! :-)


Thanks, JC!


Nice one, Jan!