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I see the double-barrelled puzzle of this image didn't go over so well last night, so let's try this one...

90 pieces
127 solves
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Your daylily puzzle is beautiful, Gwen.
Judy, I posted it last night under Octomom2. I was afraid it wouldn't get many takers, and I was right. Sometimes, I just hate being right!


Gail I really liked doing this, partly because the thumbnail made it look like a pot-bellied something. I had a great time solving it and loved the patterns you used. I'm glad you gave this one a try. I didn't see the double barrelled one, but I do hope you get lots of solves on this one. It's worth it!!


With all the red spotty bits in the middle this one seemed easier to do, making the double-barrelled version was more of a challenge.
Thank you for your comment about my Hemerocallis kaleido. This particular variety has semi-double flowers and is quite striking. If you are interested have a look at this puzzle to see the picture from which I created this series of kaleidoscopes.