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I thought that for some people it would be too late to Celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, so I've combined it with Crepe Day, so if you've already had breakfast you don't miss out!!!! I wonder why so many of these "Celebratory" days are food related???


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LOL Magda - you are wonderful!!! Depending on who you are, I guess there are many people who would eat it every day. And for people in the southern hemisphere February is definitely better than June! I still think it is decadent... whatever day it's done on!!
Decadence is a luxurious self-indulgence!! It's my guess that you have little opportunity for decadence currently, so an early morning ice cream is very well deserved... :~)))


You see--ice cream for breakfast-- your suggestion. Only it was the wrong day. Maybe better on a sunny Feb day, then a rainy June day.


Mandy - thank you for providing info on the ice cream day tradition, it was totally new to me.
I've read similar articles here too on the influence breakfast for better health - and I even try to live accordingly.....


Thanks PJ, I looked up the link for you about the history of this special day:

You're also quite right about the calories being better for breakfast than in the evening...!!


Mandy - lovely composition, wonderful colors, beautiful gem images - and who .... is promoting ice cream for breakfast? Actually, empty calories may burn off during the day - so better for breakfast than in the evening :-)))

We use food when celebrating - and much food is related to celebrations. So my guess is that 'someone' wishes to promote sales of happiness-related food....


Thanks Wendy - sometimes finding a font I like is the hardest part!!!


This is another one of your "pretty" puzzles....and I love the font you chose. It goes perfectly with this. :-)


I hope you enjoy them whatnauts :~)


Gosh, Katie, I hadn't seen the girls round the table!! I'm coming to your house for supper... it sounds fantastic. Don't wait for me if I'm late though ;~)


It's definitely too late for breakfast. Perhaps I'll take part in Crepes Day and have them for supper. Thanks for the fun reminder, monza.


Another great food day Mandy! I think blueberry crepes with vanilla ice cream would be divine. I'd like a spinach and red lettuce salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, mandarin oranges and pecans for the main course. I love that the kaleido at right center has a group of little redhead girls oohing and aahing over their table! Thanks for the fun!!!


Ardy, you must have snuck in your comment when I was typing too!! Thanks for joining the fun :~)

Barb, I love mandarins and pine nuts in salads, actually you can put any nuts and seeds in my salads and I'll love it!!!

I'm delighted to have brought you fond memories 2dogs7cats and Jan... enjoy the crepes you make today (if you do)!!

I can't find a Magic Pan in the UK, but I used to go to a place called "My Old Dutch" for my pancakes/crepes... it's mostly in London and used to serve them on huge platters... just one crepe was a whole meal - but if we shared we managed 3 courses!!!


We once went to a friend's house for dinner and every course was a crepe course. There were 3 courses, each one with a wonderfully different crepe and the fillings were yummy. What a fun thing to do! Thanks for the fond memories, Mandy. This is a GREAT puzzle.


Love this puzzle and I used to go to the Magic Pan at the Eaton's centre and just have crepes. No main course. Seems like a long time ago. Thanks for reminding me. I may make crepes today.


Just reading Ardy's comments about her having the Magic Pan restaurants as well. The particular one we went to was always packed and often you had to line up and wait patiently. It was also the first restaurant where I had salad that included mandarin oranges and pine nuts. This puzzle has really brought back some great memories, thanks, Mandy! :-)


Oops Octomom, I accidentally missed your comment... please see below, and enjoy your icecream breakfast and your crepes today :~)


Mandy, we had The Magic Pan restaurants in my area too for several years. I loved going there. They were the best with their entree and dessert crepes. Yum. Thanks for the memories.

On another note. I saw your thanks to RW. I agree. She is the BEST TEACHER .


Crepes were one of the stable foods in my household when my kids were growing up... they still make them regularly, and we used to have them for the main course and dessert, I love them with cheese, ham and tomato!!

Kirsten, I think it would be rather late if I came to make them for you this year... maybe next year???

Roerick - that's sounds really yummy.... so does your man!!!

Barb, I bet that restaurant was packed every night!!

Thanks everyone for joining in the fun, and enjoy your celebrations today :~)


Now this is one celebratory day that I don't mind participating in, Mandy!
Years ago we had a restaurant at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto called The Magic Pan which specialized in crepes. My friends and I used to go for dinner and for the main course we ordered Beef Bourginon (sp?) crepes and for dessert we had their vanilla ice cream crepes topped with fresh strawberries. YUMMY!!!!!!!! :-))


Me too!


I'll have ice cream crepes with hot fudge and carmel toppings for breakfast please. Hubby says Yes!!!!


Oooh, yummy!! Are you coming over to make it for me too? LOL