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Peacock Spiral

64 pieces
191 solves
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I will, I will, Magda! :-)


Be careful what you say Wendy. I intend to go to Toronto again in a month or two. From there USA is not so far. So if you find me with pen and pencil in front of your house, remember, you invited me!


Hester, he better not leave! I'm going to visit later on today. I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet and I'm dying to have one.


Glad you like his shamrock mankini! LOL I think he looks quit dapper in his Leprechaun's hat! Pleeeease don't worry about getting over to visit. He'll be hanging around for quite a while. :-))


Hester, that's exactly what was happening to you. You have two NEW puzzles! I'm going to visit later on. Right now I'm WAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on puzzle related matters. OHhhhh, Growly looks so darned handsome.


Wow, I feel like I'm being drawn down a plug hole! Wheee! :-))


Lesley, I just visited your puzzles and your needlepoint kaleido is pretty amazing, It REALLY does look like needlepoint!


Magda, I can't keep track of feathers anymore. If you'd like to identify all the feathers in my house, feel free to visit and bring along labels and a writing utensil. My guess is that plane fare from Switzerland to the US won't be that costly. And anyway, you're the one that will be paying for the ticket. LOL OK, peacock feathers, it is!

Thank you very much, Lesley. :-)


Lovely feathery swirls, Wendy.


Oh no, they are peacock feathers. Near Islamabad there is a place famous for its wild peacocks. They are everywhere, like pigeons here, because people feed them Beautiful! Your puzzle also, thank you Wendy


Edie, I KNOW it had to be your chickens! The feathers here are GLUED on.

PJ, thanks so much. I rather like it as well. :-)


Wendy - just lovely, both colors and design.


I'm covered in feathers but otherwise unscathed. Oh, wait a minute, I think those are from my chickens. Thanks Wendy, enjoyed it.