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Porcupine Pine *hard

266 pieces
13 solves
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Joaniedear, I left you a comment on the butterfly and I
have written RedDragonLady, and am enclosing the
copy below. Hope she can help.

Hello RedDragonLady, I would like to ask a favor.
On Dec. 27, 2014, yesterday I posted the below jigsaw puzzle
Zendoodle Art~Butterfly by Feldencamp & A Poem Titled, "After Wings"
I received a comment and a request from.....
joaniedear 7 hours ago
I would like this in a larger size, about 250 piece's

I wrote a return comment .....

1 hour ago Remove
Oh, joanie, I don't think I can do it. I will check and see if I can make
it a little larger, I love large puzzles, but 250 pieces, I just don't think
that this one will make it. There is a member on here that made the
Tolken puzzle that I had first made, she somehow made it larger.
If I can, I will find her name and see what she might be able to do
for you. Take care, haven't seen you in a very long time, have you
been on jigidi all this time and I just have missed you? Keep well.
Hugs, jlou

RedDragonLady, would it be possible for you to look at this puzzle
and google the picture of the butterfly, and see if it is possible for
you to increase the size of this puzzle for joanie?

I think I made it in the largest size I could, I cannot get back in there
to check. I am sure I couldn't get 250 pieces out of it, but you did so
on the J.R, Tolken puzzle I had made, and were were all so happy and
impressed by your doing that, so If you could help I know joanie would
be so happy, and I would even solve it along with other members who
like large jigsaw puzzles, hope you read this soon. Take care, keep well
and warm. Hugs, jlou