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Fall ~ Sandwich, Illinois

12 pieces
167 solves
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Thank you Healer, Celeste and Hanne.


It IS a beauty!! Thanks so very much Sandy!


he was wondering what you was doing.. lol and he is a nice addition to the picture
thanks Chicke.. Be safe out there..


Your pictures were great, and I loved the story, but PLEASE do be careful!


I think he was hungary deb. LOL


love the dog too! looks like he just wanted you to take his pic!


You are welcome cevas. Thank you!


Thank you very much, Chickie, for the great picture and the exciting story !


Yep, we are all heros in our own way.


Very dedicated we are!


It's hard work, but somebody's got to do it punkie. ( : I think you've braved a few climbs and water streams punkie!


Some jigidi puzzle posters stand in the road to take pictures. Some climb mountains in the snow at high elevations. Some wage a war with incoming tidal waters and surf. YOU brave the attack of a dog!
\A brave lot are the jigidi crew!


Thank you shirley.


It's such a low fence for keeping a large dog in, glad you were safe and that you got this lovely picture.Thanks chickiemama.


Yes it was scary chookies.

Careful tex. Better carry pepper spray.


Some of my neighbors have wireless electric fences and their dogs have figured out how to beat them. Once on my walk to the lake, one challenged me, like he was going to bite, so I threw a bottle of water at him and hit him and he ran off howling. I've seen that same dog loose before, so now I carry a stick.


A scary encounter you had there, chickie! At least you got the picture before that big guy got you....


Oh noooo lj! That's awful! You could have stuck an earring in one of the holes. LOL Just kidding.

Thank you Jack and morris. It was pretty scary. I jumped toward the road! I tried talking to it in a sweet voice and it just barked and growled louder. Yikes.


Looks like a rottweiler, it could have put a big hurt on ya chickie!!
Fon't think my walking stick would do much on that dog. Makes for a great picture though!
Well done, chickie!


beautiful Sandy


A friend brought her little dachshund over one day to meet me. She held him in her arms and I got close to him and scratched his head. All of a sudden he bit my nose. Drew quite a bit of blood, too. What a shock! I had puncture holes on both sides of my nose. Ever since then I've had a measure of reserve with dogs I don't know.


haha Thank you Ank, Dottie, laurajane and jcarroll.


I would be afraid, too, Chickie and I love big dogs. Sometimes you never know. Thanks for putting your life on the line to bring us neat pictures. Nice set today!


The lengths we go for Jigidi! So glad to hear you came out unscathed!!


LOL! He was faking you out, Chickie. Trying to convince his owners He was on the job! :) Beautiful dog and trees! Thanks!


I just wanted to write: The dog is looking what you are doing. But then I saw your comment. I happy he did not do it, because then you could not post the puzzle. ohhhhh lol


I ran along this fence to get to this end to take the pic. This dog came out of nowhere (barking and growling) and could easily have jumped the fence. I thought I was dead meat!