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Good Day Sunshine! (K-BOARDS)

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94 solves
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Thanks, Mandy! Loved your puzzles today!


Good day indeed, thanks Jan :~)


PJ - thank you so much! I am glad you had fun solving it. That's what makes me smile!!


What a fun, glowing and intricate puzzle, Jan. Very enjoyable to solve.


Michelle - I am evil in my torture! But, it is colorful indeed! Thanks for the comments, my dear! :D

Hester - takes one to know one! ROFL (I'm in a mood today!)

Pat - Angry chickadee? LOVE IT! Thanks so much, Pat!

Hanne - Anything to make YOU smile! I'm glad you liked the people and critters!

Ardy - Life would be nothing without laughter and people to share it with. Thanks so much!!


I knew there was something on the middle one when I saw it in the 3x3 but Pat id'ed it. - a very angry chickadee. My kitties are there in the far right and the owls are cut in half in next to the left end. I see white stick figures standing hand in hand in the far left. Fun one Jan with sunshine and laughter. Thank you.


Oh nooooo, Jan, they are hilarious!! Such faces, such personalities, they are gorgeous really. I.e. look at the one in the middle with the yellow tophat, he consists of various other "persons"!! It's quite overwhelming!! Thanks so very much!!


Hester's so right--they are wild, wacky, and wonderful! I can't help thinking that the top of the middle one looks like a very angry chickadee! LOL!


Wild, wacky and wonderful!! :-))


Good grief! This was a lot harder for me than I thought it would be...great puzzle with all your lovely bright colours that you love so much. I can "see" you having fun riding the waves with these customized lovelies!