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my twist on a Zulu basket

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20 pieces
48 solves
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What do you mean not many solves latifa, 41 is not so shabby when you think of the multitude of posts made daily AND perhaps just 41 spied a jewel. Different strokes for different folks! Perhaps l value more the folks who appreciate and follow my work.


WOW! Love your twist on a zulu basket. You made them metallic! (❛ᴗ❛)


Thanks so much, Jeanette!

I was particularly happy with the clarity too... happy with all of it :) Thanks, Barb!!

Ooh... I wish I could find a dish like this :D Thanks, Surfer! Somehow I knew I wouldn't get many solves.


Love it, love it, a beautiful wheel within a wheel a rolling in such lovely colors. Or a rare party dish!


It is gorgeous, latifa and I love the clarity and focus of it. Colors are great too....thanks bunches for a great puzzle....⚽


Delightful, love the colors! ❤


and to think it didn't start out as anything like a basket :D My husband thought of Zulu baskets (without ever seeing one). I checked them out and was thrilled to find so many different patterns - amazing! Thanks, iris!


Basket work is so intriguing and inspiring. Well done! ☺♥☺

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