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Just for today!!!

48 pieces
81 solves
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You DO like swirls, don't you whatnauts?!! Thanks so very much!! I'll find some more for you!!

That is very nice to hear, Jo, everything's fine here too!! I haven't heard about damages either. Yes, it's February , we better expect some winter or we might be surprised!! Hugs!


Hi Hanne! All's fine here!! The day ended up with lots of sunshine and calmer winds! No damage that I can see . How about you guys? I think the warmer weather we had, caused Mother Nature to have a slight malfunction!! It's supposed to get colder again in the next few days, and winter will return again! For how long this time??! hugs, Jo :)


Round and round we go. This is so wonderful. Thanks Hanne and Bent. (I've bookmarked the larger version for the weekend.)


Thanks so very much, fileusa, I admire your patience!!


took me a while but was very enjoyable. thank you


Funny, I think all the world had storm last night. It's blowing hard here today too, about 40 degrees and a little sun in the afternoon. Hope you didn't blow away and that's everything is okay!! Thanks so very much Jo!!


Turbulant weather!!
Exactly what we had last night!! Very high winds, and rain into this morning. Rain finally ended this a.m., sun shining, but, wind still blustering!! 45 degrees F @11:34 a.m.!
Thanks for the puzzle!! It does look a little like it is blowing over the Alantic ocean!! :) :)