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Swirl of Yarn

81 pieces
265 solves
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LOL! Yes, it does, Mandy. :-)


LOL - glad to be of help!!! It redresses the balance... slightly :)))


Oh, great...NOW you tell me! :-( I should have run this by you before I posted it, Mandy- "Super Soft Angora Wool in Gentle Autumnal Shades."

I might post this in a small size with my other alias....come to think of it.


I had to check the title twice, Wendy - LOL you made a swirl!! It looks like super soft angora wool to me in gentle autumnal shades, but not in a ball, on a cone - like those used with a knitting machine - and we're looking down on it. Love it.


I snuck the word in, Pat. You are the master of the swirls so I avoid using that term, but I couldn't figure out what else to call this. LOL! And a wink added. ;-)


I was going to say something about the word swirl, but I was so happy that I didn't have to double check what you had used in its place (whirlpool? tidal wave?), so that I wouldn't get yelled at if I used the wrong term, that I just let it be! LOL!


Thank you, Pat. I even used the word "swirl" finally....or at least I don't remember using it before now. And it really does look like a ball of yarn.

whatnauts, I'll have to run the yarn by the quality control department and have them check it out.


Fun swirl, I hope the yarn doesn't make me itchy. Is it wool or acrylic????


Love the concept--it really does look like a ball of yarn in the center, unraveling in a whirlwind! Cool one!