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For Jim (JCarroll) Bedraggled Pheasant - 25th June 2007

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One of my bird shots, Jim. It was pure luck.

I don't know who was more surprised, me or this bedraggled old pheasant. It jumped on this wall as I was about to walk off from taking photographs of local flooding and we were no more than four feet apart. I managed half-a-dozen shots and then we parted company. It never flinched as I walked off.

This bird is bred for game. The ones that don't get shot are quite likely to turn up in the garden looking for a tasty morsel, or seed off the bird table.


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I guess the bird was lucky not be shot dead so he lived long? Great photo :)


Nice shot, and it's nice to encounter the word "bedraggled"! Looks wet mostly, but a trophy shot anyway.

A great shot, thanks for sharing. I guess I would look bedraggled too,if I were out in a flooded area without a towel to dry off. I am sure the bird was just happy that you only aimed your camera at him.


well done you! brilliant shot!
something similar happened to me (2 humming birds suddenly appeared just 2 feet away from me while I was taking photos of something else) but I got so excited that my hands shook and the picture wasn't nice at all!!!