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Painting on silk :)) I

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I love flowers, and I could be making images of them all day long although this would be a bit boring, I also like varietey. I'm very happy that you enjoyed them, Deborah. :))


This is beautiful Dagmar! Thank you!


I am so sorry to hear that the wall you have to repaint was so beautiful. Do you have any photos you could post of what it looked like? It couldn't have been a plain white wall that needed re-doing, huh? It's always like that. You might beat me yet at painting before I get to Florida. The housing market here is not good.


Hi Kathy, thanks for your enthusiastic comment, positive feedback is always very welcome, especially from somebody who makes wonderful compositions of flowers, colours and textures.
I have done some stencelling as well, but I was a bit too impatient for it so very often I didn't dry the paint enough and things got a bit messy. LOL
Thinking about your remodelling the house and livinig in it - I did this six years ago - I'm starting to see my only wall from another perspective. :))) I hope you will finish soon. You somehow get used to living in eternal chaos but when you finally reach the end and admire the new house you will think it was worth it. :))


I'm happy that you liked it, Littlebuttercup and thanks for your comment, you are always welcome. :))


Thanks PJ, I always hve admired silk painting, but I never got round to trying it out myself so I was very happy when this one turned out a bit like one. Thanks for visiting. :))


Thank you very much, Iselite, and you are always welcome. :))


Hi Gail, here in Madrid, the colours are soft but there are colours everywhere - you could suspect so much knowing me LOL - but repainting the living room will be a bit difficult as I painted it like a gradient starting with blue at the ceiling and finishing with green at the floor going through all the shades from blue to light yellow and then to green and it will be very difficult to match the other walls again. I suppose that you will be on the East Coast before I will get round to do the painting. :)) My living room will have to look a mess until I get some holidays. LOL


Don't worry, Mandy, when they will eventually turn off the heating to fix the leak - very nearly I wrote "leek" LOL - it will be only in the living room, the rest of the house will be warm enough. I suppose that you are much colder, my daughter showed me some photos from Eastbourne and Brighton that her friends sent her and they were very white. :)) Plumbing or no plumbing, I would love to see some snow. :)) Enjoy your snow - especially if you don't have to drive - and have a wonderful weekend. :))


I'm happy that I could give you a bit of spring, Ardy, and thanks for your kind thoughts and your offer to help. In this chaos that things are lately, the best help is that you are always here and that you make me smile. :)) A smile is worth a lot after a long and tiring day. Don't worry, things are slowly getting back to normal - not talking about defect plumbing LOL - everybody seems to be in good health again and I'm catching up with the work as well. Thanks for your warmhearted offer and your welcome visit. :))


Dagmar, I sat here after finishing this beauty and just gazed at it soaking it all in. A delightful and creative work you have done here. I do admire your talent. I have never been able to draw so I am drawn in to admire!!! I love everything about this. The yellow flower with a touch of white at the tips. The pink flowers with the different shades....even the stems are different shades. The background goes perfectly!!!!!!

I use to stencil and this reminds me of thanks for the memories too :-) Looking forward to seeing what you create next.

So sorry to hear about the problems you are having!!!!! We are remodeling and it is going on 4 months now with the house torn apart while we live in it, so bless your heart!!!!! You will be in my thoughts :-)))))))

so pretty!


Lovely, Dagmar. Very nice work, the flowers are so playful against the varied background.




Ardy is right ~ your puzzle is a sign of an impending spring.
Choose a nice bright color when you repaint your wall.


This is really beautiful Dagmar - I am sorry to hear about your plumbing problems - you don't need that in the middle of winter!! I hope it gets fixed with minimal disruption :~)


Dagmar, I'm so sorry you're having such a rough time. I truly wish I were close enough to be of some help. And in spite of it all you still take the time to post such delightful puzzles. I love this. It's so gentle and sweet with the reminder that spring is coming. Thank you. Hope things will get better soon.


Sorry I didn't see you Kirsten, we must have posted at the same time. :)) The family is on the mend and there is no way of getting out of the way LOL but I hope it won't be too bad. Thanks for your concern. :))


Hi Gail, I was just signing out after doing your beautiful stained glass window, when I saw that you were here.

I'm very happy that you liked the flowers, I enjoyed myself a lot painting them and positive feedback is always nice. :))

In Madrid I live in an apartment building in a small flat. The central heating is for the whole building and all the plumbing is in the walls, which means that every time something goes wrong it's a horrible mess. Don't worry about the cold, Madrid isn't Oregon and the heating is still running and as things work here I'll be lucky if anything gets done before the middle of next week and until then the waterstains will keep growing, but as I will have to paint the whole wall anyway, who cares. LOL Either you take these things with humour or you start to cry and I'm not the crying sort. LOL
I hope that everything is fine with you and have a nice weekend.
Thanks for coming to visit. :))))


Oh, and GO GAIL!!!! :-DDD


Oh, crap Dagmar. Poor you!! I'm really sorry about the family illnesses and the plumbing. Could you perhaps move in with some family or friends while the work is being done? Or to the mountains? And I hope the work is done quickly, and the family recover soon. I'll be thinking of you. :)))


Wow, I just beat Kirsten. This has never happened. She must be off her game! What a beautiful puzzle this is, Dagmar. I love the gradiations in the colors and the overall design. Well done.


Hi Dagmar, I'm so sorry you have to go through all that just to get your heating fixed. I would have thought it would be in your crawl space under your house, but maybe things are different in Spain. In any event, I hope all goes well with that. Is it very cold there now?


Good evening Kirsten, I'm happy that you liked my silk painting, in the beginning it was much paler but you know me I just couldn't resist the temptation to add a bit more intensity to the colour :)).
My week hastn't been very enjoyable but better than the week of the rest of the family that all had been ill and the latest is a leak in the central heating plumbing, which means they will have to open the walls in my living-room :(((( and my weekend promises many family visits and a birthday celebration. I like family, but sometimes I would much rather not see anybody. LOL
I really do hope that the next week will be a bit better, but somehow I doubt it with workman tramping though my living-room hammering away at the walls trying to find out where the leak comes from. LOL
Hopefully your weekend and the next week have a better outlook for you. Have a wonderful weekend and with a bit of luck, I'll be able to enjoy your wonderful puzzles your tomorrow, my tonight. :))


Gorgeous Silk Dagmar. And a beautiful painting too. Somehow delicate, even though the colours are quite bold and vibrant. You're such a clever artist!! I love it, thanks so much.

And I gather it hasn't been a great week for you. I hope it's nothing too serious, and that your Friday passes in the blink of an eye! Then you can make a start on some serious relaxation and enjoyment in your week-end. I'm hoping REALLY hard, that's how it rolls out for you. Take care. :)))