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Cleaning out the archives #23

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Deborah, Kirsten laid out the discussion very nicely on Kathy's puzzle. I think most people would rather have larger pieces and make them smaller as they choose. There's a limit as to how large Jigidi will allow them to be made. I always make my pieces the largest they can be when solving puzzles. If you don't resize and try to make them larger, they'll go off the screen. I almost never solve puzzles that have the small pieces. It's too frustrating.


It's a gorgeous kaleido Deborah! Thanks!! :)))

And this may also help to explain what Gail means:



Gotcha Gail. I see what you mean. Do you think it makes for an easier or faster time in solving puzzles? I personally like mine spread out a little more because it's easier for me to see the colors and edges without having to move a lot of pieces, but I have no idea what other people prefer.


Sorry, but that's not what I meant, Deborah. What I mean is that, when the image is small, the pieces are not only small, but they're scattered all around the screen. If they're enlarged by resizing, the pieces are larger and more concentrated. Take a look at one of my puzzles compared to yours, and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you experiment and take an image, make a copy of it, and enlarge it, create a puzzle but don't post it, and then go into the solve portion of the puzzle. You'll see the difference immediately. Email me if you want to talk further about this. I'm finally starting on a large puzzle now, and won't be checking comments. Ta ta, dearie.


Glad you enjoyed them Gail. As for making the pieces larger, when I solve a puzzle, any puzzle, I just shrink or enlarge them to the size I like to work with.

By the way, are the puzzle pieces smaller than what you like to work with??


If you resize your puzzles upwards, your pieces will be larger. It makes it a lot easier to solve when they're larger. If you want to know how, I'll walk you through it.


Great puzzle, Deborah, and great set tonight. Purple is my favorite color.