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Wednesday's Flower

36 pieces
98 solves
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While it's true the temperature is falling in my part of the world, what I meant was the flower seems to be fading since it is done in pastels and not the bright colours Wendy usually uses.

(And just because it's hot in Orlando doesn't mean you can postpone the season of autumn!!!!) LOL


Ardy, I'm surprised at you....and at the same time, I think your comment is a humorous one. I know the feeling. ;-)

Thank you, Jan. I noticed that you did something that I do all too often- at the end of "the" you added an "o" which was supposed to be the beginning of "oval" which then got repeated. But what's worse is that I somehow manage to leave off the last letter of a word all the time. When I catch it, I end up having to edit my comment (redo it).

whatnauts- shhhh.

Mary, you finished the puzzle in spite of the eye watching your every move. Good for you. LOL


Oh, yeah, it's a big eye staring at me but it can't scare me away. What a fun solve! 3:34 Thanks, Wendy!

Whatnauts, you're in the wrong part of the world. We're still in the 90's in Orlando. I'm going swimming tomorrow or Friday since I'm off work. Maybe the beach on Saturday.


And summer is fading.......


Nice flower, enjoyed the splash of chartreuse and theo oval form (artistic freedom)


Nice flower Wendy. Mostly muted colors and then the splash of chartreuse to wake us up!


Hi Wendy. I'm not real creative today but I enjoyed the flower. Thanks.


Oh, Mandy. I actually forgot about the fact that I made the outside oval in a way that made this look like an eye. I'm so tired that I forgot about that. On another note, I just responded to your email....and am going to bed shortly. On yet another note, I love two of your new puzzles. :-)


Thanks Wendy, the eyes have it for this flower!!!