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Let's take a stroll in Tivoli!!

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Here you see the Tivoli-Glass-Hall, where lots of famous actors etc perform very often. In my youth I saw Marlene Dietrich and Eartha Kitt i.e. here.


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I was 22 and it has been in 1964. It's so nice to hear that March came with soft winds for you too!! Let's hope that it will go on from now!! Thanks so very much Jo!!


March has arrived here in New Jersey, like a lamb! All sunny and warmish!! After Februarys lion roaring winds, and rain, it is a welcome relief, even if only for today!! lol!
You must have been very young to have seen Marlene Dietrich Hanne! This building looks very interesting, oh what it could tell us eh? Have a great week-end, and hello to Bent too! :) :)


Yes, it's so funny to think about!! Thanks so very much!!


A beautiful building Hanne, and how nice this great memories.


It's very interesting!! I must say that Marlene was a huuuge experience, really incredible, at that time about 60 years old but looking as 40 and SLIM as an eal!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


How lucky you were to be able to go to performances there, Hanne. It is a beautiful building!


Happy March to you too!! May it be a fine spring month!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!

There is LOTS of fun here, Sandy, the Concert Hall is the serious place, this is the funny one!! Thanks so very much!!


Sounds like fun Hanne.


Good memories for you Hanne. Thanks for sharing. Happy March.