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Reuse and recycle #1

49 pieces
155 solves
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Wow! I never really expected any comments on this puzzle. Much thanks to all! So...

To smims and wilddog...I don't quilt, but I do love to do cross stitch.
Thanks Rob!...these are all kaleidos that I made some time ago.
What wonderful compliments roerick and Gaillou!
I be so glad you enjoyed it Kirsten!

:)))))))) to all!!!


Love what you did here, Deborah! And the vibrant colours are fantastic. Thanks so much. :)))


What a wonderfully beautiful riot of color. I loved all of them and the way you grouped them is perfect. Thanks for another beautiful and fun puzzle.


These are gorgeous, Deborah! I also really like the way you grouped them. I love the variety of images you got from the same original (I assume). What a magnificent collection! I'm a wannabe quilter, but haven't really done much of it.


WOW!! What a riot of coloue Deborah!! They all look so fresh & new!!
...and I'm an ex-quilter :))))


I agree with smims. The puzzle was fun to solve and I loved the beautiful colors. I am also a quilter and enjoy creating kaliedoscope patterns.


Thank you. I enjoyed solving this one. I'm a quilter too and love to make kaliedoscope patterns.