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TILE 1323 (also available as 49 piece, see notes under main puzzle for link)

81 pieces
162 solves
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A 49 piece version of this puzzle (larger pieces) is available on . . .

These kaleidos are created by me using images which are freely available on several internet sites. After I have manipulated a section of the image I add texture, depth and colour changes. The software used is predominantly CorelDraw but I do use several other programmes including Kaleider and Liquib.

I hope you have as much fun solving these puzzles as I had creating them . . . :D)


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Thank you Ardy . . . :D)
Looking at the number of solves etc this one does seem to have attracted more attention than the others . . . :D)


Su, thank you so much. This is my favorite for tonight. Main comment inside.


Hi Jiggy and thank you . . . :D)
When I was putting this one together it kept reminding me of the abstract colourful fish that you used for your profile a while back. If you look carefully under Barbara's flower the water is teaming with green and orange fish sucking the daphnia off the bright blue flowers . . . lol


Thank you Barbara . . . :D)


Such lovely bright colors that are perfect together. Trouble - this is one of my favorites. It's one of those you can envision on your wall to gaze at over and over. So beautiful. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful flower reflected in the water.


. . . and thank you again Janine . . . :D)
I like to throw something different into the mix every now and then . . . lol

WOW !! So the colors too.


A pink fest for Ardy . . . :D)