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End-of-day Glass

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In the early 1900s these small items were made with any glass left over at the end of the day, hence the name. Items come in all colors and styles, but often have the swirled effect of several colors as shown above. This pieces is just 3" high.


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I see that mine has mold seam marks - so I imagine MANY were made, but all different - neat! Mine was probably from PA, but no sticker so I don't know the company.


It's hard to believe but mine has the sticker on the bottom, Imperial USA, mine was given to me in the "70's and I have used it for 40 years.


Yes, this is a family piece, although I don't know where or when it was acquired. It's quite thick & heavy. If I had room, I'd collect glass too!


I have one just like this one only mine is mainly dark red glass, I use it to hold toothpicks, thanks for the info and the post.


This is beautiful piece of it yours? My father collects old glass and has started me with a collection, but he doesn't have anything like this.